When Do You Start Noticing Pregnancy Symptoms and What Are They?

When Do You Start Noticing Pregnancy Symptoms and What Are They?

Have you ever wondered: “When do you start noticing pregnancy symptoms?”. For sure, whether you’re trying for a baby or not, there comes a time when you might start looking for clues, so here are some of the common ones.

Before we start, did you know that some women start noticing symptoms of pregnancy as early as one week into the pregnancy when a fertilized ovum (egg) attaches to the uterus wall? While others haven’t noticed any symptoms until after a few months of pregnancy!

Some pregnancy symptoms may be a missed period, inexplicable fatigue, and nausea. And other signs include enlarged or sore breasts, frequent urination, and headaches.

The most accurate way to know if you’re pregnant is to have a pregnancy test. You can take the test anywhere, but not anytime. Did you know that it’s best to do this in the morning right after you wake up? And have you ever been instructed to ‘start collecting midstream’ for urinalysis? The same thing applies! Did you really think health professionals say those lines just because? 😄

Exactly When Did You Have Pregnancy Symptoms?


A woman will likely start noticing symptoms around 4 weeks after conceiving. But all women aren’t the same and many can feel differently two weeks after conceiving while others many never feel any signs of pregnancy until several months into their pregnancy.

In general, notable symptoms of pregnancy like fatigue and nausea won’t be obvious until week 6 to 8 of pregnancy. But you might begin to experience the ‘uniqueness’ of pre-motherhood at about week 5.

At 3 weeks pregnant, you’re approaching the implantation phase and might notice a little spotting due to the ovum displacing the lining of the uterus when it attaches itself to the uterus. Too technical? Just don’t panic when you suddenly little drops of blood on your undies. Most first-time moms do. Yours truly is not an exception!

Around this period, you might experience fatigue, nausea, tender breasts, frequent urination, food aversions and an enhanced sense of smell.

At 4 weeks pregnant, the clearest symptom of pregnancy is a missed period. One-third of women who starts suffering from morning sickness is around the fourth week. 

Different symptoms of pregnancy are extremely important so that you can prevent yourself from eating something that may harm your baby.

10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

These early pregnancy symptoms are just a guideline. Many of these symptoms may closely resemble routine pre-menstrual symptoms:

1. Missed period One of the most noticeable early signs of pregnancy is a missed period. This is usually what makes women search for more information about other pregnancy symptoms.

2. Tender breasts: Sore and swollen breasts are one of the earliest indications that you’re pregnant, but this symptom goes away after your first trimester.

3. Nausea: Morning sickness isn’t just limited to mornings but it fades away on your second trimester.

4. High temperature: An elevated basal body temperature can be an indication that you’re pregnant.

5. Fatigue: The rising progesterone levels in your blood might make you feel knackered.

a dice with different emojis

6. Mood swings: Lower lows and higher highs are a sign that pregnancy is interfering with your hormones.

7. Food aversions/cravings: Some food smells may make you nauseous. There may be cravings as well. Like most other pregnancy symptoms, these food preferences may be down to hormonal changes—especially in trimester one when these changes are most drastic.

8. Headaches: In early pregnancy, increased blood circulation due to hormonal changes can cause frequent, mild headaches.

9. Abdominal bloating: Your clothes may feel tighter around the waist as your hormones may make you feel bloated.

10. Frequent urination: You might find yourself making more trips to the bathroom as your body keeps extra fluid that fills up the bladder faster.

How Many Pregnancy Symptoms Do You Have Now?

While a pregnancy test and ultrasound is the only way to really find out if you’re expecting, these are other symptoms to watch out for based on other moms’ experiences. So based on our list, how are you feeling? Excited? Nervous?

Cramps After Sex During Early Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Cramps After Sex During Early Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Experiencing cramps after sex during early pregnancy? Well, the first three months of pregnancy is usually the most difficult period in women’s journey through motherhood. In the first trimester, a woman will experience the first of several physical, behavioral and emotional changes caused by pregnancy.

Most moms will experience many symptoms on their first trimester such as morning sickness, nausea, constipation, breast tenderness, weight gain, cravings and so on. But what if you’re experiencing cramps after sex in early pregnancy? What does this mean? Keep on reading to learn more about post-sex cramps on early pregnancy.

Are Cramps After Sex During Early Pregnancy Normal?


Yes, and to be expected for the most part. Sometimes, cramps in your groin area and abs during pregnancy is accompanied by spotting or a little extra blood flow as well. Neither of these things should embarrass you in the slightest, nor should they be a cause for concern or reason to stop.

Of course, if there’s more blood than normal, it’s always best to ask your doctor or midwife immediately.

Causes of Post-Sex Cramps At The Beginning of Pregnancy

Painful twinges or cramps during or after sex in a normal. A healthy early pregnancy probably causes extra blood flow to the abdominal area and this natural change may cause the cervix to be more sensitive. Implantation can cause menstrual-like cramps around the time of conception.

Cramps can sometimes be a signal of something more serious like miscarriage, early labor, ectopic pregnancy or preeclampsia. Most especially when they’re accompanied by more troubling symptoms such as dizziness or non-stop blood flow, or even if they hurt so much so that they make you bend over.

Any of the above complications indicate a possible problem that requires medical attention, so it’s always a good idea to consult your medical provider if you’re worried about having post-sex cramps when you’re pregnant.

Relieving Post-Sex Cramps


After the climax, your uterus receives a rush of blood from the body, which can bring about those painful cramps in the groin area. 

Don’t suffer through them. Rather, give yourself an opportunity to recover with rest and relaxation until the pain dissipates. Some women also get relief faster after a nap or a warm bath.

If your cramps keep increasing and worsening instead of fading away, check with your doctor immediately to ensure that these weird symptoms aren’t indicative of something serious.

If you’re experiencing cramps that are insufferable, skip full-on sex. You may find other ways with your partner that are equally enjoyable, particularly if it doesn’t put you in a state of recovery afterward.

When to Call Your Doctor

Post-sex cramps are quite normal throughout pregnancy. But sometimes they might indicate something is amiss. Call your doctor promptly if you suffer cramps along with any of these symptoms:

  • Feeling dizzy or having faint spells
  • Painful headaches
  • Severe spotting or bleeding, particularly bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Vision changes
  • Burning or pain during urination
  • Over four contractions in an hour, as this might signify labor

Newly Pregnant and Having Cramps After Making Love?

Don’t shy away from asking sex-related questions during pregnancy. Your doctor is there to help. Your sexual needs are still important during pregnancy, whether you experience cramps after sex during early pregnancy or not.

What Hair Dyes Are Safe to Use During Pregnancy? [Top 5 Picks]

What Hair Dyes Are Safe to Use During Pregnancy? [Top 5 Picks]

If you’re pregnant, you could be wondering what hair dyes are safe to use during pregnancy. And if you’re curious about the safety of hair products for your growing baby, there are several research articles that show hair treatments and hair dyes aren’t severely toxic and are safe to use while you’re pregnant.

In addition, many experts say that the skin only absorbs negligible amounts of hair dye, which is unlikely to cause any harm. However, you still should take a few precautions to reduce any risks of harming your developing child. If you’ve got an infected or irritated scalp, you might absorb more chemicals in your hair dye, for example, so go for a hair dye that’s expressly labeled as organic, natural or ammonia-free.

To ease your worries, here are some hair dyes that you can safely use while expecting.

ONC NATURALCOLORS Organic Permanent Hair Dye

With ONC NATURALCOLORS Natural Permanent Hair Dye, you’ll get the healthier and close to perfection hair you’ve always dreamt of. Better still, you can expect a long-lasting smooth and soft texture that covers greying hair. Whether you spend most of your time in the office, running errands or basking in the sun, we know how vital it is to keep your colored hair healthy. 

With natural hair care and beautiful hair color all in a single bottle, this hair dye is definitely recommended since it also doesn’t include harsh smells. This product has certified natural ingredients so it’s safe to use if you really want to color your hair while pregnant.

The Henna Guys Dark Brown Henna Chemical-Free Hair Dye

This all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and raw dark brown henna is a special gift for everyone especially for pregnant women who want to use organic plant-based hair dyes or whoever is allergic to chemical-based hair dyes. 

The Henna Guys Chemical-Free Hair Dye is available in different shades such as dark brown, jet black, light brown, medium brown, mahogany, auburn, wine red, natural red, orange-red, and deep red. All the shades are made from organic ingredients, including henna, false daisy, amla, indigo, hibiscus powder, red clay, and other ingredients. 

When it comes to natural hair dyes or henna, there are lots of brands on the market. Did you know that Henna Guys prioritizes integrity and quality? You know what that means.

With 100% organic ingredients, this hair color not only covers grey hair without any chemical effects, but it also helps condition and removes chemical remains in your hair left behind by previously applied boxed dyes.

Mi NATURE 100% Organic Henna Powder

Also known by the scientific name Lawsonia Inermis, Mi Nature 100% Organic Henna Powder is a great hair dye alternative if you’re pregnant since it can give your hair a rich reddish tone. You can even combine it with indigo powder to get a black or brown shade.

The nutrients in this henna powder not only nourish your hair but also repair the damage. In addition, the balancing of PH levels helps close the hair cuticle, resulting in more lustrous locks. This improves your hair’s elasticity. 

Henna creates a protective shield around all your hair shafts, trapping moisture and ensuring that your hair stays conditioned. It might be particularly useful when used in packs alongside other hydrating agents. 

This organic Henna powder helps reduce problems like split ends and hair breakage. It’s made of finely ground Henna leaves. 

NATURCOLOR Sesame Blonde Hair Dye

NATURCOLOR Sesame Blonde Hair Color is a herbal-based quality permanent hair dye that’s designed to enhance or change your current hair color especially those who have grey hairs. Aside from expecting moms, men can also use this to discreetly color their hair (even mustaches and beards!). So if you happen to be a husband who’s looking for a hair dye on behalf of your loving wife, why not spend quality time coloring each other’s hair instead?

This colors your hair with an understated transparent effect. The darker areas of your hair will take the dye differently from your grey hair, resulting in subtle color-on-color shades that don’t look dyed and appear natural. 

This hair color gel was designed for the young/young at heart, value-conscious, busy traveler or consumer and it takes less than one hour to apply!

Cosmic Element Organic Hair Conditioning and Coloring

Cosmic Element Organic Hair Conditioner and Dye contains only organic coloring agents: indigo and senna. These ingredients are completely natural and help cover your natural hair color without damaging your hair.

It can be applied to all sorts of hair, including light, dark, thin or thick shades. And the same as the product above, this one is also perfect for beards so your partner can spruce up their look as well. For darker colors, just add black tea or lemon juice to the paste. 😉

Are you having second thoughts on dyeing your hair while pregnant?

As mentioned earlier, it’s normally safe to dye your hair when you’re expecting, but make sure to choose dyes that are safe to apply during pregnancy. Are you aware that most pregnant women tend to have heightened senses until they’ve given birth? So just to be really safe, consider using a mask to cover your nose while applying any type of hair dye. They might be safe but you’ll never know if the smell might trigger something in you. 😁

How Long Does It Take to Realize You’re Pregnant?

How Long Does It Take to Realize You’re Pregnant?

How long does it take to realize you’re pregnant? It can be difficult or easy to answer the big question of whether you’re expecting or not, depending on how well you’re familiar with pregnancy and your own body.

Most women know they’re pregnant within 2-3 weeks of conceiving. What’s more amazing is that some even realize it much sooner, within days even! It basically depends on your capability to understand the changes happening within you and how responsive you are to them.

Sure, you’ll be able to tell when you’ve missed your period by carrying out a pregnancy test, (sometimes even before you miss your period) but you need to know that taking a pregnancy test too soon isn’t a great idea. You’re very likely to get an inaccurate result.

How Soon Can You Do a Pregnancy Test?

If you’re a girl who gets her period every month at the same time without fail and somehow missed this one, don’t panic yet. There’s no such thing as a perfectly timed monthly period. You don’t have to zoom your way to the nearest pharmacy yet and search for pregnancy test kits.

Based on studies and real-life experience, the best recommended time to take the test is 2 weeks after you missed your period. So if you’re able to remember, or lucky enough to log your period every month, then that’s great – you can now begin counting!

Still can’t wait to take the test? Some tests are more highly responsive than others and can be taken sooner. This could be 4-5 days before the next period. But really, it’s best to wait for at least the first day of your period. If you missed it, go and take a pregnancy test. Once again, taking early pregnancy tests may give you false results so it’s still better to take more tests in the following days. Luckily, test strips are relatively inexpensive, and come in packs of 10 or more. In fact, the popular Pregmate HCG test strips can be bought in a 100 pack! If you are pregnant, HCG strips become more accurate the further into your pregnancy you progress, as HCG levels double every 48 hours.

When Will You Begin Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms

husband looking at a pregnancy test kit with wife in the background

As mentioned earlier, some women experience pregnancy symptoms very early on, but many don’t. 

Even the Babycenter conducted an experimental study that involves a number of women- all of whom ended up giving birth. Half of them had some pregnancy symptoms within 8 days after missing their period. Some had some symptoms about 2 weeks after missing their period and almost all of them had some symptoms a month after missing their period.

Many symptoms of early pregnancy are so similar to PMS, too, which can be quite confusing.

Let’s take a look at the early signs of pregnancy below.

Early Signs of Pregnancy Apart from a Positive Pregnancy Test

  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Noticeable breast changes
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Feeling sick (nausea)
  • Increased urination
  • Aversion to some foods or drinks
  • Light spotting (also known as implantation bleeding)
  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  • Enhanced sense of smell
  • Missed period
  • Getting more emotional 
  • Feeling differently

These are several of the pregnancy symptoms you may notice within your first 6 weeks of conceiving.  

The most obvious early signs of pregnancy are having light spotting rather than a proper period and, of course, missing your period. You can also have pregnancy symptoms even before missing your menstruation. 

And as time goes by, you’ll more than likely know the symptoms quickly. Especially if you’ve watched, heard stories, or been with someone who’s had early pregnancy symptoms.

Is There a Possibility That You’re Pregnant?

Only your body and time can tell. If you’re a first-time mom, you have the option to ask someone. But if you’re too shy or nervous to ask questions, this article should be able to help you. Of course, no one can blame you if you’re worried.

Pregnancy tends to bring out all the emotions you may have never felt before. So if you’re planning to surprise everybody, it’s time to learn to wear your poker face, especially if you never have before!

Pregnancy Worry: 38 Weeks, 4 Days Pregnant With No Signs of Labor

Pregnancy Worry: 38 Weeks, 4 Days Pregnant With No Signs of Labor

Are you 38 weeks, 4 days pregnant, with no signs of labor? And are you now having what you might call “pregnancy worries”? Don’t worry too much, your little angel’s long-awaited debut is near – just a bit busy growing and developing inside you each day.

At 38 weeks, your pregnancy is approaching full-term. Perhaps you’re now ready to take the next critical step: giving birth! But before your due date, there’s still plenty you need to know about this crucial week of pregnancy.

Your Baby at the 38th Week of Pregnancy

Your bub will continue to increase in size, gaining around 0.5 pounds a week in your last weeks of pregnancy. She’ll begin to fill out while that nice squishy baby fat begins to build up around her knees, elbows and, shoulders.

Baby’s Size

At this time, your baby is as huge as a Swiss chard or a bunch of leeks. She’ll weigh between 6-7 pounds on average and be about 19-20 inches long.


Fetal Development

Your child’s brain, liver, and lungs continue to grow during the last weeks of pregnancy. For this reason, it’s vital to give birth at full-term, or as near to full-term as possible.

By now, her lanugo (the soft, fuzzy hair that covers her skin) will be almost gone, or have already disappeared.

The bowels of your baby will also be keeping its first poo, known as meconium, which the baby will pass after being born. (Meconium is a sticky substance that consists of anything your little one might have ingested while in the uterus.)

You at Week 38 of Pregnancy

You’re undoubtedly counting down the days now, and wondering each morning if today might be “the day”. Try to enjoy the final few days before your baby comes by resting as much as possible, ready to welcome your newborn.

You may be overwhelmed by well-wishers emailing, texting, or phoning to ask if “something has happened”. That’ll definitely keep you busy but you must admit, it’s amazing that people are as thrilled as you are to meet your little one!

Some moms try several natural ways to initiate labor when they reach this stage of pregnancy, from having sex to eating pineapples. So if you’re tired of waiting, go ahead and try some of these natural tricks to trigger labor and see if the rumors hold any water!

Are Past Your Due Date with No Signs of Labor?

  • Walk fast, walk up the stairs, walk around – just walk while you can or until your baby’s finally ready to “go”.
  • One of the first symptoms of labor starting is the loss of your mucus plug, but the time remaining could be hours or even weeks!
  • If contractions last beyond 30 seconds, occurring about every 5 minutes, that’s definitely a sign. But just to be sure, call your doctor and once you get the most-awaited confirmation, you should be ready to go. (You already packed everything you’ll possibly need during your stay in the hospital, right?)
  • Babies born before week 37 are described as premature or preterm, while those born after week 42 are called ‘post-term’. You know what that means, right? Just be patient, you can do it! 😄

Are You Still Worried About Your Pregnancy?

Don’t be! Just make sure you’re ready for labor and childbirth, and that your home is ready to welcome your baby. Your labor is just around the corner so don’t fret. Your patience in waiting is definitely worth it.

How to Tell If Baby is Engaged in Pelvis and Your Labor is Near?

How to Tell If Baby is Engaged in Pelvis and Your Labor is Near?

You’re approaching the end of your pregnancy and you’re wondering how to tell if your baby is engaged in your pelvis. 

Your baby drops, or engages, as your body gets ready to give birth. In other words, your baby drops deeper into the pelvis and gets ready to get into the birth canal when your labor starts. It’s an exciting stage simply because it indicates that your body’s doing what it’s supposed to do and that you’ll soon be cuddling your little angel in your arms.

While your doctor will certainly tell you when your child has dropped, being able to identify the signs by yourself can help you understand what’s going on in your body while it prepares for labor. While the symptoms aren’t entirely universal, the following subtle body changes all indicate that you’re getting closer and closer to welcoming your tot at long last.

Easier Breathing

When your baby drops, it physically descends into the pelvis. This decreases pressure on your lungs, which obviously makes breathing easier than it was for months previously. 

Pelvic Pain

Pain or “zings” in your pelvic region is an unusual sign of your baby descending. The pain occurs due to the head of the baby putting pressure on lots of ligaments in the pelvis. You might feel pain when you move in a certain manner. Or the pain may come apparently without reason. This occurs as the baby settles in its new position.

Remember, the minor twinges of pelvic pain may be indicative of your baby descending. But if you experience regular, persistent pain, consult your doctor. Also see your doctor if you experience any other symptoms such as bleeding, fever, or fluid loss.

Pelvic Pressure Pain

As your baby descends into your pelvic, there may be increased pressure in this region. This may cause you to feel like you’re waddling when you walk.

Lower Belly

When your baby engages, your pregnancy bump might look like it’s lying lower.

More Discharge

When your baby has engaged, its head will physically increase pressure on your cervix, which will help it dilate and thin out to start labor. Your cervix will thin by removing the mucus plug which blocked the cervical opening.

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, you may notice more discharge that gushes out like real mucus. Or, it could simply be a heavier stream of discharge. Pregnancy isn’t always beautiful, just so you know!

Frequent Urge to Urinate

Is your baby growing one pound a week and its head is lower on the bladder? This situation makes you go to the bathroom every 10 seconds (too much?). Your pregnancy is coming to an end.

Less Heartburn

pregnant woman looking down while holding her belly

You may experience less acid reflux and heartburn as your baby drops lower into the pelvis. While not all women will experience this, some suddenly notice a relief when their child has engaged.

What Else Should You Do if Your Labor is Near?

While your baby dropping is a sign that your body is preparing for delivery, it doesn’t really tell when exactly your labor will begin. And if you experience the feeling that your child is “pushing down” prior to week 37 or increased pelvic pressure, call your doctor so they can rule out preterm labor. 

Top 4 Liquid Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

Top 4 Liquid Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you might often find yourself easily tired even if you haven’t really done much. You might’ve slept more than 8 hours the night before, but find yourself catching quick naps the next day.

If you get yourself checked on your next doctor’s appointment, you might be surprised to know that the unusual exhaustion you’re feeling is due to low iron levels. Well, most pregnant women do. Pregnancy-induced anemia is very common, but the severity can vary a lot.

When your blood tests reveal lower than normal iron levels during your pregnancy, you might then wonder which are the best liquid iron supplements for pregnancy. So what are the best liquid iron supplements out there for pregnant women? Here are our five top picks:

1. Nature’s Way Liquid Iron Supplement – Natural Berry  

Nature’s Way Liquid Iron Supplement is gentle, fast-absorbing, and delicious (since it tastes like berries!). It provides 100% of the recommended iron daily value in each serving to help boost your iron levels, ease symptoms of occasional tiredness due to low levels of iron, and replenish energy reserves.

In each small tablespoon serving, this iron supplement supplies an 18-milligram dose of quality essential iron—each 16-fluid ounce bottle boasts an incredible value of 32 servings. It’s easy to take daily wherever you might be. A quick tip: put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes if you want it cold. Not in the freezer – it might literally freeze on you (unless if it’s just for a few minutes, of course)!😁

This liquid iron supplement contains a form of iron known as a chelate, which is absorbable and causes few guttural side effects compared to other common varieties of iron supplements, including ferrous sulfate tablets.

This mineral supplement is a great choice for pregnant women who can’t access an iron-rich diet, as well as those urged to take iron supplements daily to resolve a deficiency. Its convenient liquid form enables flexible dosing as recommended by your doctor without the hassle of swallowing tablets.

2. Blue Iron Liquid Supplement

Find it hard to swallow supplement pills and tablets, especially the large ones? Who wouldn’t?! Good thing there are other alternatives when it comes to medicine and supplements!

Introducing iron liquid supplements for pregnant women – easier to take and more palatable!

Flavored with blueberries, Blue Iron Liquid Supplement is suitable for pregnant women, as well as vegetarians and vegans. The recommended daily intake of 15 milliliters contains 25 milligrams of iron.

The inclusion of vitamin C, E, and B12 enhance the solution, letting you easily absorb the iron and increase your production of hemoglobin. You’ll love the fact that this supplement’s patented absorption makes it gentler on your belly and relieves constipation caused by iron supplements.

It also has biotin, which may boost the health of an unborn baby.

3. Floradix All-Natural Liquid Iron Supplement

This is America’s best-selling organic liquid iron supplement due to its ability to promote the production of strong red blood cells, helping address iron deficiency. It’s also easy to absorb and many pregnant women achieve much better iron absorption compared when using tablets.

Floradix Organic Liquid Iron Supplement protects against constipation. This low dose, safe supplement is designed to be absorbed and assimilated easily and is kind to the gastrointestinal tract as it uses Ferrous gluconate, an ultra-soluble iron compound. Moreover, it’s packed with all-natural fruit juices and herbal extracts for a nice taste.

Floradix is a 100% natural product that’s vegetarian, alcohol-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. It doesn’t contain any colorings, preservatives, or flavorings. Each serving supplies 110% daily intake of vitamin B12, 90% daily intake of vitamin B6, and also Thiamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and Riboflavin.

What’s more, this supplement is ideal for all women, such as those who are menstruating, pregnant, lactating, nursing, and even those who are into athletics. It’s also suitable for men, growing kids, and people whose diet lacks in natural vitamins and iron. If you’re looking for a good iron supplement or you have anemia, be sure to give Floradix all-natural liquid iron supplement a try today!

Recommended intake: adults should take 10 milliliters twice a day, while kids aged 6-12 should take 10 milliliters once daily. The supplement is best taken within half an hour to meals.

4. Spatone Apple Taste Liquid Iron Supplement 

A liquid iron supplement with additional vitamin C, Spatone Iron Plus simply combines added vitamin C and yummy apple taste with all-natural iron-rich water obtained from the Snowdonia mountain range. 

The supplement supplies iron in a readily available form for use by the body. It’s packed in convenient sachets that you can use when you’re up and about. However, don’t use this food supplement as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle and a varied balanced diet. 

This particular liquid iron supplement is suitable for all adults and children aged 2 and over. It’s perfect for vegetarians and contains no gluten or artificial colors. 

Which do you prefer, solid or liquid iron supplements?

Staying healthy for your baby and yourself is critical when you’re pregnant. As you try to eat a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, you’ll need help at times. And if you’re not looking forward to taking your daily dose of supplement just because you hate pills or tablets, these liquid iron supplements for pregnancy just might be what you need. Whichever you choose, always remember that this is a vital component of your everyday diet for you and your little bundle of joy.

6 Stylish Plus-Size Maternity Dresses for a Baby Shower

6 Stylish Plus-Size Maternity Dresses for a Baby Shower

*We make a small commission from affiliate links within some articles. The price to you remains the same. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

If you’re curvy and pregnant, you might find yourself wondering if you can find just the right plus size maternity dress for a baby shower. It might be your party or it might be a friend’s! You’ll want a perfect dress for your curves that hugs your bump and gently flows downwards. 

Being pregnant is amazing. And difficult! Aside from the mood swings, cravings, and anticipation, when you’re pregnant, you can’t wear any old clothes – a growing belly won’t allow that. So it’s the perfect excuse to go clothes shopping – your pre-pregnancy may as well belong to someone else right now! 

There’s no reason that having a baby bump should limit you from being stylish. Whatever your style, from t-shirts, yoga pants, and leggings, to all-day pajamas (hey, we’ve all been there!), there’s always room for another dress (or two). And if you ever had an excuse to get a new one… hello baby shower! If you’re looking for inspiration, here are our top picks for best maternity dresses for fuller figures.

Stylish Baby Shower Dresses

Modernmiss Embroidery Sundress

If you want a stunning maternity summer dress, consider Modermiss Embroidery Sundress. It boasts a fantastic classic embroidery look, a fabulous V-neck, as well as buttons if you don’t want the skin on your neck exposed.

You can wear this knee-length dress alone or pair it with nice pants, depending on your height. Either way, you’ll look amazing in it and it’s got enough room to accommodate any size of pregnancy belly.

Liu & Qu Maternity Bodycon Side Dress

Made of highly elastic, light and breathable fabric, this Ruched Bodycon Side Dress is another excellent pregnancy outfit that features a wrap closure, which gives your tummy extra space to grow. This is an excellent idea since this dress comes in a variety of floral patterns and colors so you can find one that fits you perfectly. Add the fact that it gives your waist a slim look and you’ll be very much sold on it!

You can wear this dress on casual and formal occasions, even when you just feel like it 😉

Mommy Jennie Maxi Photoshoot Dress 

As you hold on to your pregnancy memories, make sure to look amazing in those photos as well. A maxi dress will you give you a stunning look. You’ll look so good that you’ll be the envy of everyone attending your welcome baby party.

The chiffon fabric gives you a chic look and in terms of design, the top part fits comfortably while the lower one has a little more room. And since the dress is “one size”, it fits every pregnant woman.

You’ll certainly love your appearance in photos and in person. The pink hue will bring out your natural glow and the full length offers adequate cover no matter where you go.

Beachcoco Sweatheart Maternity Maxi Dress

This dress for pregnancy has stretchable material making it very comfortable to wear. It boasts a sweetheart neckline style that flatters your chest. The soft fabric provides maximum comfort when you’re wearing it. The impressive maxi skirt dress design is ideal for baby welcoming showers and other casual events.

You can stroll to the beach in this gorgeous dress and turn heads. The sweetheart neck design is useful when breastfeeding but the straps aren’t adjustable. For this reason, make sure you’re fine with that before purchasing.

Nemidor Short Sleeve Loose Casual Long Maxi Dress

Who says you can’t wear a loose outfit when pregnant? This elegant floor-length dress is made of stretchy, soft and mid-weight material so you can easily dress down or dress up. It’s available in casual, vintage and work styles. This boasts a round neck, have short and long sleeve variations, two side pockets and an elastic waistband.

The full-length dress is perfect for summer casual wear. Alternatively, you can also use have this on for different gatherings like holiday parties and baby welcoming party. You can even don this outfit for beach strolls!

Black Cherry Off Shoulder Casual Maternity Dress

If you’re after a casual look, go for an off-the-shoulder casual dress. It’s super stretchy, simple, and fits anyone no matter their size. Black Cherry’s Maxi Dress is a soft, natural type of fabric so it’s comfortable for pregnant women. 

This one is perfect for casual events where exposing some shoulder skin is no big deal. You’ll love the ruching on the belly as it stretches to accommodate your belly.

Stunning in Your Baby Shower Dress

There are lots of options if you’re looking for maternity dresses. We hope you feel radiant in your new dress for the Baby Shower. This is such a precious time – make the most of it!

Depending on your preferences, style, and occasion, you’ll surely find something that flatters your beautiful figure. Just remember that no matter what dress you choose when celebrating the arrival of a baby, the best accessory you can wear is your happy pregnancy glow!😊

[Our Favorite] 7 Best Modest Maternity Skirts and Dresses

[Our Favorite] 7 Best Modest Maternity Skirts and Dresses

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You’re starting to show, which is exciting, but also – your pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to get tight! If you’re looking for some modest maternity skirts and dresses, we’ve found some great options.

After weeks of feeling exhausted, a bit edgy and nauseous, you realize you’ll not be wearing your usual clothes any longer. From now on, you’ll be wearing maternity clothes. So how do you seamlessly combine maternity, modesty, and fashion?

If you simply want to feel gorgeous in your new body or need a little more variety to wear to work or school, don’t fret. There are lots of options out there, no matter your budget. 

Maternity Skirts

#1 My Bump Maternity Pencil Skirt

A maternity pencil skirt is a must-have maternity outfit. This one specifically is made of high-quality fabric that’s incredibly lightweight and soft, this skirt is designed to fit perfectly to your body’s contours as your baby grows. It’s also designed to give you the most comfortable feel all while appearing stylish. The elastic band gives you the extra comfort and support you need to accommodate your growing bump.

You can wear the skirt in all seasons and for all occasions throughout the year. It’s perfect for parties, weddings, baby showers, maternity photos and more!

#2 Jubilee Couture Knee Length Flare Skirt

This skirt from Jubilee Couture is yet another option for pregnant women. It’s made of soft, stretchy and comfortable material. It also features a pull on closure and has a really wide cloth waist rather than an elastic one. It doesn’t ride up, bind, squeeze, ravel or fall down easily. 

The skirt is ideal for all occasions from business formal to casual depending on the top you’ll match it with. You’ll definitely have fun on matching this with different tops! And of course, it’s highly recommended that you wear this with nude or same color underclothing.

#3 Simlu Long Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt can take simplicity to a whole new fashion and comfort level. Made of soft, stretchy, durable and comfortable material, this simple A-line maxi skirt boasts a wide foldable waistband with a hip gathered style and two side pockets for extra benefit.

It’s unfettered comfort and versatility will be your first choice as a maternity outfit since you can wear it on any type of occasion or even when you just want to go out for a walk. 

A seasonal, timeless and classic skirt is a great gift idea for the holidays as well. Even better, it’s not just for pregnant women. So go ahead and get one or more for yourself, your loved ones and your friends!

Maternity Dresses

#4 Dunea Floral Women’s Maxi Dress

Made of quality stretchy and soft cotton material, Dunea’s floral maxi dress features two side pockets that add a dash of convenience. It also features ¾ sleeves and an elastic underbust that will accentuate your sexy curves.

The dress is perfect for various occasions, including formal and casual parties, wedding banquet and dance parties like bridal showers and baby showers. You can put it on as a maternity maxi dress, bridesmaid dress, and even as beachwear.

#5 AUSELILY Women’s Long Casual Maxi Dress

Made of premium rayon and spandex material, this casual maxi dress features comfortable, soft and stretchy band at the waist that fits all sizes. It also features long sleeves, two side pockets and a round neck.

Soft and comfortable, this is the perfect maxi dress to wear for a special event or any day. Simple but fashionable, you can wear this dress in any season and for any occasion, including casual and formal parties, holidays and even to the beach.

#6 Zattcas Long Faux Wrap Maxi Dress 

Ever tried out a wrap maxi dress? This one is specially made of incredibly soft blend fabric and features a self-tie and slim-fitted waist with an elastic band to perfectly show off your curves. The waist also boasts a faux wrap V-neck and pleats to hide your tummy well.

It’s perfect for all seasons and occasions as well, such as formal and casual parties, weddings, Christmas, holidays or birthdays. You can wear it casually or glam up with it!

#7 Viishow Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

A short sleeve maxi dress is a perfect option if you’re looking for a modest, long and comfortable maxi dress. Similar to the others listed above, this features two side pockets as well. Made of stretchy, soft and lightweight fabric, this particular dress is floor long and features an elastic band at the waist.

Its unique style will make you look beautiful, glowing, fashionable and elegant. You can wear it for pretty much any occasion, too.


Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life and something you should cherish, no matter if you’re just newly pregnant or in the final weeks of your pregnancy. Make the most out of it but don’t forget to look and feel good while you’re at it. And hopefully, this article is helpful enough to convince you to keep on being stylish throughout your pregnancy.

When Should I Go to the Hospital for Labor? How to Know When It’s Time

When Should I Go to the Hospital for Labor? How to Know When It’s Time

When should I go to the hospital for labor?” Whether you’re giving birth for the first time or tenth time, or you’re carrying twins or multiple babies, it’s imperative to know when it’s time to check into the hospital. 

“Since everyone’s experiences are different, there’s no specific time for going to the hospital. In most cases, it’s best to give the hospital or your midwife a call so they can determine whether you should go in. Your midwife may tell you it’s time to check-in or you may be told to come when your contractions are nearer together. Either way, your midwife will tell you what to do based on your specific situation.

Real Labor vs. False Labor

You could have false labor (also known as Braxton Hicks contractions) especially when your due date approaches. Braxton Hicks contractions are essential warm-ups for delivery when your uterus contracts and expands but it doesn’t mean it’s time.

The difference between real and false labor is that the latter can fool you into thinking it’s true when you’re actually not. When it comes to Braxton Hicks contractions, typical symptoms are the following:

  • They aren’t painful
  • There’s no pattern
  • They last no longer than one hour
  • They go away if you move about

When to Go to the Hospital

pregnant woman holding her belly

During the final trimester, your body begins to ready itself for birth. If you’re having a C-Section, you just have to follow the schedule you agreed on to deliver your baby. But if you’re aiming for normal childbirth, you’ll have to watch out for the following:

You’re Experiencing Contractions

When contractions begin as mild and occasional cramps that slowly develop into more regular and painful occurrences, that’s when real labor has started. When contractions are so painful that you can’t do anything else, they’re more than likely to be real contractions.

Your Water Broke

If you think your water broke, let your doctor know right away. They may tell you to come to the hospital to verify that your amniotic fluid has actually ruptured. Or they might recommend that you remain at home for some time if you aren’t having any contractions yet. If you can’t get hold of your doctor, it’s best to pop into the hospital for evaluation.

You Have a High-Risk Pregnancy

Contact your midwife or doctor right away as soon as your water broke if you’re carrying twins or multiple babies, or suffer from other high-risk medical conditions. In these special cases, it’s not recommended to wait for contractions to start. You’ll need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. 

You’re Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding can indicate complications at any stage of pregnancy. Always inform your doctor if you’re bleeding. They can recommend what to do depending on how severe the bleeding is, how far gone you are, and other symptoms you could be having.

You Have Pre-eclampsia Symptoms

Contact your midwife or doctor immediately, or go straight to the ER if you suffer any of these:

  • Headaches, dizziness, or seizures
  • Blurred vision
  • Swelling of face and hands
  • Sudden weight gain (over 4 pounds in one week)
  • Severe abdominal or stomach pain or vomiting

Final thoughts

Your due date may be near, but it may not be time to go to the hospital just yet. So if you’re experiencing something unusual and you know that your baby’s due anytime, these signs can help you avoid checking in too soon (and getting sent back) or not arriving soon enough (and you don’t want that).

Thoughts? Advice? Share it on our comment section below, soon-to-be moms would love to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am in labor?
When contractions are so painful and come more frequently by the minute, they’re more than likely to be real labor contractions.

How soon should you go to the hospital after your water breaks?
Most of the time, you’ll still have a few hours to spare before labor starts. The first thing you should do is contact your midwife/doctor and then take it from there. Try not to panic. If you do, make sure somebody’s recording it. 😁

How can I dilate faster?
Keep moving! The most simple and recommended way is to walk around. Don’t make the mistake of trying any other methods that’s not medically approved. You’ve waited for months, what’s a few more hours?