6 Stylish Plus-Size Maternity Dresses for a Baby Shower

Plus Size Maternity Dress for Baby Shower

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If you’re curvy and pregnant, you might find yourself wondering if you can find just the right plus size maternity dress for a baby shower. It might be your party or it might be a friend’s! You’ll want a perfect dress for your curves that hugs your bump and gently flows downwards. 

Being pregnant is amazing. And difficult! Aside from the mood swings, cravings, and anticipation, when you’re pregnant, you can’t wear any old clothes – a growing belly won’t allow that. So it’s the perfect excuse to go clothes shopping – your pre-pregnancy may as well belong to someone else right now! 

There’s no reason that having a baby bump should limit you from finding a stylish baby shower dress. Whatever your style, from t-shirts, yoga pants, and leggings, to all-day pajamas (hey, we’ve all been there!), there’s always room for another dress (or two). And if you ever had an excuse to get a new one… hello baby shower! If you’re looking for inspiration, here are our top picks for best maternity dresses for fuller figures.

Stylish Baby Shower Dress

#1 Modernmiss Embroidery Sundress

Mordenmiss Women's Notched Embroidery Half Dress Button Down Flared Blouse Tunic

If you want a stunning maternity summer dress, consider Modermiss Embroidery Sundress. It boasts a fantastic classic embroidery look, a fabulous V-neck, as well as buttons if you don’t want the skin on your neck exposed.

You can wear this knee-length dress alone or pair it with nice pants, depending on your height. Either way, you’ll look amazing in it and it’s got enough room to accommodate any size of pregnancy belly.

#2 Liu & Qu Maternity Bodycon Side Dress

Liu & Qu Women's Maternity Bodycon Ruched Side Dress Casual Short & 3/4 Sleeve Dress For Daily Wearing Or Baby Shower

Made of highly elastic, light and breathable fabric, this Ruched Bodycon Side Dress is another excellent pregnancy outfit that features a wrap closure, which gives your tummy extra space to grow. This is an excellent idea since this dress comes in a variety of floral patterns and colors so you can find one that fits you perfectly. Add the fact that it gives your waist a slim look and you’ll be very much sold on it!

You can wear this dress on casual and formal occasions, even when you just feel like it 😉

#3 Mommy Jennie Maxi Photoshoot Dress 

Pink Maternity Off Shoulder Tube Chiffon Gown Split Front Strapless Maxi Pregnancy Photography Dress for Photo Shoot and Baby Shower

As you hold on to your pregnancy memories, make sure to look amazing in those photos as well. A maxi dress will you give you a stunning look. You’ll look so good that you’ll be the envy of everyone attending your welcome baby party.

The chiffon fabric gives you a chic look and in terms of design, the top part fits comfortably while the lower one has a little more room. And since the dress is “one size”, it fits every pregnant woman.

You’ll certainly love your appearance in photos and in person. The pink hue will bring out your natural glow and the full length offers adequate cover no matter where you go.

#4 Beachcoco Sweatheart Maternity Maxi Dress

Beachcoco Women's Maternity Sweetheart Party Maxi Dress Made in USA

This dress for pregnancy has stretchable material making it very comfortable to wear. It boasts a sweetheart neckline style that flatters your chest. The soft fabric provides maximum comfort when you’re wearing it. The impressive maxi skirt dress design is ideal for baby welcoming showers and other casual events.

You can stroll to the beach in this gorgeous dress and turn heads. The sweetheart neck design is useful when breastfeeding but the straps aren’t adjustable. For this reason, make sure you’re fine with that before purchasing.

#5 Nemidor Short Sleeve Loose Casual Long Maxi Dress

Nemidor Women's 3/4 Sleeve Floral Print Plus Size Casual Party Maxi Dress (Pink Flower, 18W)

Who says you can’t wear a loose outfit when pregnant? This elegant floor-length dress is made of stretchy, soft and mid-weight material so you can easily dress down or dress up. It’s available in casual, vintage and work styles. This boasts a round neck, has short and long sleeve variations, two side pockets and an elastic waistband.

The full-length dress is perfect for summer casual wear. Alternatively, you can also use have this on for different gatherings like holiday parties and a baby welcoming party. You can even don this outfit for beach strolls!

#6 Black Cherry Off Shoulder Casual Maternity Dress

Black Cherry Women's Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Maternity Casual Maxi Dress Purple

If you’re after a casual look, go for an off-the-shoulder casual dress. It’s super stretchy, simple, and fits anyone no matter their size. Black Cherry’s Maxi Dress is a soft, natural type of fabric so it’s comfortable for pregnant women

This one is perfect for casual events where exposing some shoulder skin is no big deal. You’ll love the ruching on the belly as it stretches to accommodate your belly.

Stunning Baby Shower Dresses

There are lots of options if you’re looking for stunning baby shower dresses. We hope you feel radiant in your new dress for the Baby Shower. This is such a precious time – make the most of it!

Depending on your preferences, style, and occasion, you’ll surely find something that flatters your beautiful figure. Just remember that no matter what dress you choose when celebrating the arrival of a baby, the best accessory you can wear is your happy pregnancy glow!😊

[Our Favorite] 7 Best Modest Maternity Skirts and Dresses

7 Best Modest Maternity Skirts and Dresses

*We make a small commission from affiliate links within some articles. The price to you remains the same. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

You’re starting to show, which is exciting, but also – your pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to get tight! If you’re looking for some modest maternity skirts and dresses, we’ve found some great options.

After weeks of feeling exhausted, a bit edgy and nauseous, you realize you’ll not be wearing your usual clothes any longer. From now on, you’ll be wearing maternity clothes. So how do you seamlessly combine maternity, modesty, and fashion?

If you simply want to feel gorgeous in your new body or need a little more variety to wear to work or school, don’t fret. There are lots of options out there, no matter your budget. 

Maternity Skirts

#1 My Bump Maternity Pencil Skirt

My Bump Maternity Skirt for Women - Comfort Stretch High Waisted Tummy Control Cotton Blend Midi Pencil Skirt Made in USA Black White Large

A maternity pencil skirt is a must-have maternity outfit. This one specifically is made of high-quality fabric that’s incredibly lightweight and soft, this skirt is designed to fit perfectly to your body’s contours as your baby grows. It’s also designed to give you the most comfortable feel all while appearing stylish. The elastic band gives you the extra comfort and support you need to accommodate your growing bump.

You can wear the skirt in all seasons and for all occasions throughout the year. It’s perfect for parties, weddings, baby showers, maternity photos and more!

#2 Jubilee Couture Knee Length Flare Skirt

Womens Basic Soft Stretch Mid Midi Knee Length Flare Flowy Skirt Made in USA-Navy,Medium

This skirt from Jubilee Couture is yet another option for pregnant women. It’s made of soft, stretchy and comfortable material. It also features a pull on closure and has a really wide cloth waist rather than an elastic one. It doesn’t ride up, bind, squeeze, ravel or fall down easily. 

The skirt is ideal for all occasions from business formal to casual depending on the top you’ll match it with. You’ll definitely have fun matching this with different tops! And of course, it’s highly recommended that you wear this with nude or the same color underclothing.

#3 Simlu Long Maxi Skirt

Navy Blue Skirts for Women Reg and Plus Size Long Skirt Navy Blue Maxi Skirt Ankle Length Skirt Casual Maxi Skirt Womens Maternity Skirt (Size XX-Large US 14-16, Navy Ankle-Length)

A maxi skirt can take simplicity to a whole new fashion and comfort level. Made of soft, stretchy, durable and comfortable material, this simple A-line maxi skirt boasts a wide foldable waistband with a hip gathered style and two side pockets for extra benefit.

It’s unfettered comfort and versatility will be your first choice as a maternity outfit since you can wear it on any type of occasion or even when you just want to go out for a walk. 

A seasonal, timeless and classic skirt is a great gift idea for the holidays as well. Even better, it’s not just for pregnant women. So go ahead and get one or more for yourself, your loved ones and your friends!

Maternity Dresses

#4 Dunea Floral Women’s Maxi Dress

DUNEA Women's Maxi Dress Floral Printed Autumn 3/4 Sleeve Casual Tunic Long Maxi Dress (Medium, Wine Red02)

Made of quality stretchy and soft cotton material, Dunea’s floral maxi dress features two side pockets that add a dash of convenience. It also features ¾ sleeves and an elastic underbust that will accentuate your sexy curves.

The dress is perfect for various occasions, including formal and casual parties, wedding banquet and dance parties like bridal showers and baby showers. You can put it on as a maternity maxi dress, bridesmaid dress, and even as beachwear.

#5 AUSELILY Women’s Long Casual Maxi Dress

AUSELILY Women Short Sleeve Loose Plain Casual Long Maxi Dresses with Pockets (XL, Navy Floral Red)

Made of premium rayon and spandex material, this casual maxi dress features comfortable, soft and stretchy band at the waist that fits all sizes. It also features long sleeves, two side pockets, and a round neck.

Soft and comfortable, this is the perfect maxi dress to wear for a special event or any day. Simple but fashionable, you can wear this dress in any season and for any occasion, including casual and formal parties, holidays and even to the beach.

#6 Zattcas Long Faux Wrap Maxi Dress 

Zattcas Womens 3/4 Sleeve Floral Print Faux Wrap Long Maxi Dress with Belt,Navy Printed,Large

Ever tried out a wrap maxi dress? This one is specially made of incredibly soft blend fabric and features a self-tie and slim-fitted waist with an elastic band to perfectly show off your curves. The waist also boasts a faux wrap V-neck and pleats to hide your tummy well.

It’s perfect for all seasons and occasions as well, such as formal and casual parties, weddings, Christmas, holidays or birthdays. You can wear it casually or glam up with it!

#7 Viishow Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

VIISHOW Women's Short Sleeve Floral Printed Dress Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets(Floral Wine red XS)

A short sleeve maxi dress is a perfect option if you’re looking for a modest, long and comfortable maxi dress. Similar to the others listed above, this features two side pockets as well. Made of stretchy, soft and lightweight fabric, this particular dress is floor length and features an elastic band at the waist.

Its unique style will make you look beautiful, glowing, fashionable and elegant. You can wear it for pretty much any occasion, too.

Which Modest Maternity Skirts and Dresses Would You Pick?

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life and something you should cherish, no matter if you’re just newly pregnant or in the final weeks of your pregnancy. Make the most out of it but don’t forget to look and feel good while you’re at it. And hopefully, this article is helpful enough to convince you to keep on being stylish throughout your pregnancy.

When Should I Go to the Hospital for Labor? How to Know When It’s Time

When Should I Go to Hospital for Labor

When should I go to the hospital for labor?” Whether you’re giving birth for the first time or tenth time, or you’re carrying twins or multiple babies, it’s imperative to know when it’s time to check into the hospital. 

“Since everyone’s experiences are different, there’s no specific time for going to the hospital. In most cases, it’s best to give the hospital or your midwife a call so they can determine whether you should go in. Your midwife may tell you it’s time to check-in or you may be told to come when your contractions are nearer together. Either way, your midwife will tell you what to do based on your specific situation.

Real Labor vs. False Labor

You could have false labor (also known as Braxton Hicks contractions) especially when your due date approaches. Braxton Hicks contractions are essential warm-ups for delivery when your uterus contracts and expands but it doesn’t mean it’s time.

The difference between real and false labor is that the latter can fool you into thinking it’s true when you’re actually not. When it comes to Braxton Hicks contractions, typical symptoms are the following:

  • They aren’t painful
  • There’s no pattern
  • They last no longer than one hour
  • They go away if you move about

When to Go to the Hospital

pregnant woman holding her belly

During the final trimester, your body begins to ready itself for birth. If you’re having a C-Section, you just have to follow the schedule you agreed on to deliver your baby. But if you’re aiming for normal childbirth, you’ll have to watch out for the following:

You’re Experiencing Contractions

When contractions begin as mild and occasional cramps that slowly develop into more regular and painful occurrences, that’s when real labor has started. When contractions are so painful that you can’t do anything else, they’re more than likely to be real contractions.

Your Water Broke

If you think your water broke, let your doctor know right away. They may tell you to come to the hospital to verify that your amniotic fluid has actually ruptured. Or they might recommend that you remain at home for some time if you aren’t having any contractions yet. If you can’t get hold of your doctor, it’s best to pop into the hospital for evaluation.

You Have a High-Risk Pregnancy

Contact your midwife or doctor right away as soon as your water broke if you’re carrying twins or multiple babies, or suffer from other high-risk medical conditions. In these special cases, it’s not recommended to wait for contractions to start. You’ll need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. 

You’re Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding can indicate complications at any stage of pregnancy. Always inform your doctor if you’re bleeding. They can recommend what to do depending on how severe the bleeding is, how far gone you are, and other symptoms you could be having.

You Have Pre-eclampsia Symptoms

Contact your midwife or doctor immediately, or go straight to the ER if you suffer any of these:

  • Headaches, dizziness, or seizures
  • Blurred vision
  • Swelling of face and hands
  • Sudden weight gain (over 4 pounds in one week)
  • Severe abdominal or stomach pain or vomiting

Should You Go to the Hospital Now?

Your due date may be near, but it may not be time to go to the hospital just yet. So if you’re experiencing something unusual and you know that your baby’s due anytime, these signs can help you avoid checking in too soon (and getting sent back) or not arriving soon enough (and you don’t want that).

Thoughts? Advice? Share it on our comment section below, soon-to-be moms would love to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am in labor?
When contractions are so painful and come more frequently by the minute, they’re more than likely to be real labor contractions.

How soon should you go to the hospital after your water breaks?
Most of the time, you’ll still have a few hours to spare before labor starts. The first thing you should do is contact your midwife/doctor and then take it from there. Try not to panic. If you do, make sure somebody’s recording it. 😁

How can I dilate faster?
Keep moving! The most simple and recommended way is to walk around. Don’t make the mistake of trying any other methods that’s not medically approved. You’ve waited for months, what’s a few more hours?

Increased Baby Movement Before Labor: Is My Baby Kicking Too Much?

Increased Baby Movement Before Labor

Is there such a thing as an increased baby movement before labor? Apparently, there is.

But before we delve deeper into the issue, cast your mind back to when you first felt your baby moving. It was such an exciting moment for you, wasn’t it? Then those flutters turned into hard kicks to your bladder, and what you once looked forward to is making you pee in your dress at the convenience store. 

Still, the kicks remind you that your bulging belly isn’t just due to those tacos you ate at lunch, but because there’s indeed a baby inside you. And that’s awesome (except for when he’s practicing his kicking technique at 4 in the morning).

Baby Movement During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women feel more settled when there are regular baby movements. A movement of the baby (roll, kick, or flutter) is often first felt 18-20 weeks into pregnancy.

The number of movements steadily increases until around 32 weeks into pregnancy and then stays more or less frequent until childbirth.

Most babies stay still as they sleep, for up for 90 minutes at a time. Other times, they can be felt moving for 20 to 40-minute episodes throughout the day. 

Each baby has its own movement patterns. While the baby runs out of room in the last stages of pregnancy due to increasing baby weight, it’s movements still remain regular and strong. But if your baby moves too much, or less frequently, there could be a problem.

When Does Baby Movement Start During Pregnancy?


Babies begin moving at week 12, but moms may not feel anything apart from “flutters” until week 16 to 20. That’s when the first kick is thrown. The kicks should intensify, along with twitches (baby hiccups), through to trimester 3, slightly slowing down at around 36 weeks when the womb gets too congested for vigorous kicking.

Babies are most lively in the evening and morning, and the easiest way for mom to detect movements is when she’s lying down or sitting. Dads, let mom relax if you want to know how a kick feels!

At the start of trimester 3, doctors usually recommend that moms and dads begin keeping an eye on baby movements. If you suspect the baby is kicking less than normal (even after week 36), call your doctor right away.

Babies don’t move at all times but, generally, have up to 10 movements per hour in trimester 3. And keep a close eye on whatever is unusual for your child. If your baby constantly bounces against your tummy in the morning, just one morning without movement may indicate that something’s wrong.

Is Increased Baby Movement Before Labor a Cause for Concern?

Fetal movements usually increase when mom is hungry, indicating decreased sugar levels in both the mother and baby. This is like the increase in activity of animals seeking food when hungry, followed by a moment of inactivity when they’re fed.

Smaller babies might move more when their blood sugar starts to drop or when they’re hungry, as for some reason they’re already getting less food through the placenta, compared to bigger babies who receive an adequate placental supply.

A much more serious spectacle is when one episode of unusually forceful baby movements occur in the last stages of pregnancy. One study has linked this phenomenon to 7 times the risk of stillbirth. There are several possible causes of this, including infection-induced seizures or inadequate oxygen supply, or the baby trying to free itself from the umbilical cord wrapped around some area of the body.

Vigorous baby movement before labor, described as “crazy” or “frantic”, is different from the increasingly frequent, strong movements felt in a healthy pregnancy leading to childbirth.

Dealing with Increased Fetal Movement


Each pregnancy is different. There’s no fixed number of kicks or movements your baby should make, so it’s unlikely that he’s moving “too much”.

But if your fetus is moving so much so that you can’t relax or rest, trying walking about for some time. Walking around will cause a rocking motion that can soothe your child in the womb—just as it’ll once you’ve given birth—and help her drift off so you can also get some rest. 

Avoid caffeine, as it might stimulate your tot to get more active.

Unusual Baby Movements Before Going Into Labor

While a very active fetus is unlikely to be worrisome, you should pay attention to movements that are considerably different from what you consider normal. You should report any sudden, unexpected and vigorous episodes of movements immediately, particularly if they suddenly go up for some time followed by inactivity.

When it comes to increased baby movement before labor, always trust your gut and let your doctor or midwife know if something feels “off” to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do babies get more active right before labor?
No. Some even say that when going into labor, the baby may become unusually still. Most moms even say that you might not even notice the baby’s movement at all since you’re already busy wondering why you’re so uncomfortable, or why your back hurts a lot (which is actually the early signs of labor!)

Is increased fetal movement a sign of distress?
Yes. Increased fetal movements usually mean that something’s wrong with the baby that might put both of you at risk.

Does baby move more during labor?
When you’re going into labor, you usually won’t feel it but babies do move a lot during this time – voluntary or not. Contraction’s also another factor why it would feel like your baby’s moving more than usual, although it’s doubtful that you’ll feel it since contractions are painful.

Can you tell when labor is approaching?
There are common signs that you can look out for so that you can tell if your labor is approaching. Most of the common signs are the following:
Almost unbearable back pain
Mood swings

7 Weird Signs of Labor You Probably Didn’t Know About

7 Weird Signs of Labor You Probably Didn’t Know About

Do you recognize the weird signs of labor below? Perhaps not. 

For the last 9 months or so, you’ve been getting ready for your baby’s arrival. But what you may not know is that there are actually many less known but odd labor signs that are fairly common.

Spotting (also known as the “bloody show”), contractions, dilation and water breaking down are all common signs of labor. And when they happen, you’re probably already on the way to the hospital or on a call with your obstetrician at the very least. 

Weird Signs of Labor

Did you know that not all labor signs are obvious? We’ve rounded up these odd signs of labor to help you know if your little bundle of joy is arriving soon.

Labored Breathing

When you’re pregnant, you get used to huffing and puffing. Even a walk to the bathroom can leave you out of breath. Did you know that this so-called “labored breathing” may suddenly stop at the end of pregnancy? 

The reason why breathing is easier at this time is that your baby has descended into the pelvis, in a process known as “lightening”. 

Your baby’s making all your organs squish together, often making it difficult for you to breathe. As your child is close to being born, you’ll finally be able to breathe freely. That’s a good thing as you’ll probably need lots of fresh air to get ready for all the “pushing” you’ll do soon. Exaggerated? You’ll see…

Mood Swings

pregnant mom holding her belly and her worried husband
Pregnant woman with husband in the bedroom

Have your mood swings increased lately, and you’re on an emotional rollercoaster? Or have you snapped at your family members as of late? If so, then it might be that you’re about to experience labor. 

The moodiness you might feel before labor very much resembles that moodiness you feel during PMS. If you’re feeling particularly low during the last weeks of pregnancy, cheer up because this will soon be over. You’ll soon be holding your baby in your arms – joy and happiness will replace that glumness.

Just explain to your loved ones that you don’t mean to get snappy, it’s just part of being pregnant. They will surely understand and give you the support you need during the last days of your pregnancy. 


Your body naturally tries to remove anything in your bowel just before labor. And by emptying your bowel, it creates more space for your baby to move. Don’t even worry about going on number two while giving birth, it’s normal. Moms giving birth just can’t help it, and we assure you that you won’t even care about it! All nurses are used to this and will subtly clean it up even before you know it. 😉

If you’re still worried, (who wouldn’t – it’s a bit embarrassing!) we strongly recommend refraining from eating anything that will make your body scream “bathroom!” just minutes before you have to give birth. You especially won’t want that to happen while your screaming like a banshee, crying and pleading for your baby to finally come out.

Loss of Appetite

Pregnancy is one big rollercoaster. Perhaps you spent trimester 1 trying to limit your food intake, thanks to morning sickness. Your appetite then more than likely went up during trimester 2 and 3. This is good news as you’ll just want to savor all of your favorite food (the ones you’re allowed to eat while you’re pregnant). 

Unfortunately, your lack of appetite on your first trimester may return just before you get into labor. If this happens, you may soon be in labor. To help your stomach, you can eat crackers, broths and other light treats. You’ll want to ensure that your body has enough energy to completely win this challenge!


pregnant mom touching a baby crib

While most pregnant women engage in some nesting of sorts in the last few weeks of pregnancy, this can intensify a few days before the actual due date. If you start cleaning anything you see for some reason, then it’s best to start preparing everything to ensure you have all that you’ll need for labor.

Weight Loss

During pregnancy, you kept fat and water to protect your body and help your developing kid. 

As hormones change in the final weeks of pregnancy, you may release a little of that stored fat and all the water weight. Plus, you may have a reduced appetite due to a nauseous tummy and your rather huge baby squeezing your stomach, so much that it can’t hold much food anymore.

When your weight drops at the end of trimester 3, you can expect your labor to start soon. Of course, not everyone experiences weight loss or weight gain during pregnancy. It’s a well-known fact that weight differences in expecting moms still depend on their preferences, discipline, or beliefs.

Dreams of Labor 


Perhaps you’re hoping to catch enough sleep before one of the most important days of your life arrives but that’s often not the case. 

From being extremely uncomfortable in late pregnancy to the worries you might have about becoming a mother (again or for the first time) and the joy of the imminent arrival of your baby, it can be difficult to drift off. And when you fall asleep, you may actually have very intense and realistic dreams about labor. So do yourself a favor, stop or don’t even think about reading or watching videos about actual footage of childbirth. You’ll just needlessly scare the wits out of you!

Are you having any weird signs of labor now?

As you get closer and closer to your due date, remember that these weird signs of labor could be a warning sign that your little angel is coming home soon. Never assume though. These signs may be similar to most, but not everyone goes through the same thing. It’s still best to check with your doctor, especially if your baby’s moving a lot more than usual. They’ll understand if you’re persistently checking every now and then. You wouldn’t want to get too many false alarms – that’ll be mentally and physically exhausting for everyone! 😁

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that labor is nearing?
Here are the odd signs of labor to help you know if your little bundle of joy is arriving soon:

  • Labored Breathing
  • Mood Swings
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nesting
  • Weight Loss
  • Dreams of Labor

Is exhaustion a sign of labor coming?
To some, yes. But others claim that they experience the opposite. Honestly, most pregnant moms are easily exhausted no matter which trimester they are in. So we really can’t rely on exhaustion as a sign that your labor is coming.

What were your first labor signs?
Aside from the ones listed above, I also experienced the following:

  • Back pain that’s getting worse as time goes by
  • Belly cramps, commonly known as small contractions
  • Difficulty on breathing (not the same as heavy or labored breathing)
  • Extreme eagerness to walk around
  • Spotting

Do you get more emotional before labor?

Definitely! You and the people around you wouldn’t understand why your emotion’s all over the place, especially if your expected due date’s still weeks away. Most people call it “emotional” because most pregnant women whose about to go into labor can become a totally different person every time you blink. So just a piece of advice: tell your loved ones to blink very, VERY slowly… 🤣 Kidding aside, it will all pass. It’s just one of those precious moments that you’ll fondly reminisce years later.

How Do I Know If I am Leaking Amniotic Fluid? 3 Common Signs to Watch Out For

How Do I Know If I am Leaking Amniotic Fluid Common Signs to Watch Out For

How do I know if I am leaking amniotic fluid? Well, before we answer this question, consider a situation we’ve seen all too often on TV and in movies: the camera pans to a heavily pregnant woman, her face a picture of panic, the classic “I think my water broke!” line which for some reason prompts the peanut gallery to panic, too. 

While this isn’t exactly how things usually happen (makes for a nice plot twist though), amniotic fluid is an essential part of labor and childbirth—and a critical part of pregnancy. But what’s its role during pregnancy? 

How Do I Know If I am Leaking Amniotic Fluid?

You may wonder, what is amniotic fluid? What kind of liquid is this? Why is it even spelled that way?! 🤭Kidding aside, let’s take a look at some of the facts about amniotic fluid.

What is Amniotic Fluid?

It’s the warm, fluid cover that supports and protects your baby while it grows in your womb. This vital fluid contains hormones, nutrients, your baby’s urine, and immune system cells.

At its peak, your amniotic fluid is about 1 quart. After week 36 of pregnancy, fluid levels begin to go down as your body readies itself for childbirth. 

What’s an Amniotic Fluid Leak?

When your doctor does an ultrasound before childbirth, they will estimate the level of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby. At some point, the fluid is likely to start leaking.

If too much amniotic fluid leaks out, this is called oligohydramnios. The fluid may also leak out when the amniotic sac ruptures, a phenomenon called ‘the rupturing of membranes’. 

Often, it can be difficult to tell if you’re leaking amniotic fluid or not. That said, we have listed a quick rundown of some of the symptoms that expecting moms should watch out for.

How to Tell If You’re Leaking Amniotic Fluid

How do I know If I am leaking amniotic fluid?

Let’s face it—fluids such as occasional spotting, discharge and even a bit of urine when you sneeze or laugh can all be quite normal during pregnancy. So how do you tell if your amniotic fluid is leaking or what you’re going through is normal? Here are a few signs to watch out for:


Unlike urine, amniotic fluid has no odor. If you’re leaking something odorless, it’s most likely amniotic fluid.


In general, amniotic fluid is clear. By contrast, urine is yellowish and discharge tends to be cloudy white. Are you noticing a small flow or continuous trickle of colorless fluid? If so, it’s more than likely to be amniotic fluid.


Continuously leaking fluid? Is it collecting in your panty liner every few hours? If yes, you’re likely leaking amniotic fluid.

If you’ve got signs of an amniotic fluid leak, you aren’t sure if what you’re leaking is actually amniotic fluid, or you’re noticing discharge or fluid tinged with blood, brown or green, let your healthcare provider know immediately. It’s also imperative to not have sex, use tampons or engage in anything that might bring bacteria to your vagina.

How would you know if your water broke?

Leaking amniotic fluid, at any stage during pregnancy, could be a cause for concern. But knowing the symptoms can help you call for medical assistance and avoid any further complications. 

Suddenly remembered funny, unforgettable memories when your water broke? Share it with us through the comments below – we’d love to know we’re not the only ones with epic memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does amniotic fluid smell like?

Amniotic fluid doesn’t smell at all, unlike urine.

What color is amniotic fluid?

Amniotic fluid is clear although some claim it’s a bit yellowish.

Can you slowly leak amniotic fluid?

I certainly tried but no luck, it will definitely gush out. And if you’re a new mom, you’ll definitely stare in wonder and ask, “When will it stop?” 😊

How do you tell if your water broke or you peed?

If it’s just pee, you’ll know because urine has its certain odor. On the other hand, if you’re water broke, you won’t smell anything at all. Some even confessed that they stared somewhere and wondered why it’s not stopping until they finally realized what’s really going on. 😁

How much time do I have after my water breaks?

Your baby (or babies) should be delivered within 24 hours after your water broke. That’s the recommended timeframe to avoid any complications which may harm both you and your baby. Although, some moms testified that they’ve given birth more than 24 hours after their water broke without any problems.

39 Weeks Pregnant, Cramping, and Baby Moving a Lot

39 Weeks Pregnant Cramping and Baby Moving a Lot All You Need to Know About Pregnancy Week 39

Are you 39 weeks pregnant, cramping and baby is moving a lot? Congratulations, your pregnancy is in week 39! With about a week to go, you’re soon going to become a mom. Your baby is fully developed, meaning that it’s only a matter of time before it comes into the world. 

Your body is still experiencing lots of changes and you have prepared everything you need to welcome your child. Keep on reading to know what actually happens to both your baby and you at this stage.

What’s the Size of Your Baby at Week 39 of Pregnancy?


At week 39, your baby is the size of a small watermelon. In other words, it can be anything from 18-20.5 inches or about 50cm long. 

The baby has piled on some pounds too, weighing about 6.5-8 pounds—roughly 2.9-3.6 kilograms. This weight won’t change significantly and probably might be the weight your baby is born with.

Your Baby’s Development at 39 Weeks Pregnant

At week 39, your baby is full term. Your pregnancy and the third trimester is coming to an end.

Your baby’s brain and lungs aren’t fully developed yet and will keep developing after it’s born. In fact, the baby’s brain will continue to develop and reach its final size in two years, and its lungs might not be fully developed until about age 3.  Currently, the lungs are busy making surfactant to prevent air sacs from binding when the baby takes its first breath. 

Your cute little angel hasn’t got enough room to move about in your womb now, so if there have been changes in the baby’s movements, that’s probably the reason. If you’re experiencing less than unusual movement, you can always consult your doctor for reassurance.

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


In addition to the visibly distended belly, you’ll also feel some of these symptoms:

Braxton Hicks Contractions (False Labor)

These light contractions last for just 30 seconds to 2 minutes. They’re not a sign of labour, but it’s the body’s way of getting ready for the due date that’s fast approaching.

Pelvic Pressure 

While preparing itself for birth, your baby might be sitting quite low in your uterus, making your lower torso feel uncomfortable and heavy.

Bloody Show

Your vaginal discharge may be tinged with brownish or pinkish blood due to the rupturing of cervical blood vessels. Have no fear—it’s an indication that your cervix is opening up or dilating and that’s good news.


As the body readies itself for childbirth, your rectal muscles may become loose, leading to loose bowel movements.

Difficulty Sleeping

It might be harder to have a good night’s sleep in the last stages of pregnancy. Due to your ballooned belly, it might be hard to sleep comfortably, and anxiety and nerves can keep you awake as well. Make sure your bedroom is as comfortable as it can be, with several extra pillows to keep you comfortable. 

Are you on your 39th week and baby’s moving a lot?

At week 39 of pregnancy, there’s nothing you can do except wait for the baby, see the doctor, and keep yourself busy with just about anything. We know that when you’re 39 weeks pregnant, you’re cramping and your baby is moving a lot, things can be tough on you! But hang in there—you’ll be meeting your little angel soon!

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5 Quick Tips for When You Return to Work After Having a Baby

How Are You Going to Return to Work After Having a Baby

*We make a small commission from affiliate links within some articles. The price to you remains the same. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Just as you’ve put your work concerns aside and are enjoying your maternity leave, you realize that you’re soon going to return to work after having a baby. The prospect of waking up so early each morning and going to work after having not slept a wink with a crying tot seems scary. And then you feel guilty about spending hours away from your baby.

No matter how much you’ve thought about returning to work, as well as how confident you are about it, you need to be ready for mixed emotions. There’s the guilt of leaving your child in the care of someone else or the guilt of being keen to resume your old life. 

Things To Do Before Returning to Work (After Maternity Leave)

You might think it’s pretty simple but there’s more to it than it first appears. While there will inevitably be a few bumps on the way, the following tips can help make your return to work after delivery a bit easier.

#1 Do Up Your Wardrobe

Ekouaer Women's Maternity Nursing Nightgown Short Sleeve Sleep Dress Black XL

Don’t try to get into your prenatal work clothes, no matter what. Your body took 9 months to change so you could give birth, so it’ll take longer than 4 months to get back into shape. 

To feel normal again, treat yourself to a facial, manicure and pedicure. Change your maternity wear with new ones and spoil yourself with a new hairstyle and some new work clothes and shoes to up your confidence. But don’t forget, you still have to nurse your baby so you must still include a nursing nightgown in your wardrobe. If you want a simple and comfortable nightgown, then go for Ekouaer Short Sleeve Nursing Nightgown.

#2 Organize Childcare

Baby playing

Whether you opt for a nursery, childminder or relative, it must be a safe, reliable option for your baby and one you’re fine with. Where possible, it also helps to ask your boss for a bit of flexibility in work hours.

#3 Plan Your Nursing Routine

Electric Breast Pump, Hospital Grade Pain Free Breast Pump Rechargeable 3 Modes 9 Strong Suction Levels Breast Feeding Pump Great Massage Mode for Mom's Comfort (Green)

If you’re nursing, you’ll find it hard to balance your work life with your pumping schedule. So, start planning well before you resume work. You can start your routine one month before returning to work and begin freezing breast milk so your child gets used to being bottle-fed. 

If you have to breast-pump at work, be sure to speak to your HR department and boss, and request a private, clean area for breast-pumping. For this, we recommend Wwhuaus’ Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump since this product is affordable and aims for moms’ comfort. It has 3 modes with 9 suction levels for each mode – a perfect way to get maximum comfort and milk production!

#4 Practice Your New Schedule

In the week prior to resuming work, it’s wise to start practicing your morning schedule of settling your baby and for you to get ready and leave home on time. Use this week to practice waking up early, feeding your kid, getting to the childminder or nursery and getting to work with punctuality in mind. If there are any challenges, you’ll be able to alter your routine before the big day. 

#5 Keep Your Cool At The Office

Woman in her office thinking about something

While you may feel like a complete wreck while at work—worrying about your kid, feeling mentally and physically exhausted, being overwhelmed by the pile of work that has built up during your leave—avoid showing a hint to your boss that you’re not up for the job.

Keep your issues to yourself, and never vent to your colleagues. Remember, your new balancing act might even help you become more productive. 

Are You Ready To Return To Work After Giving Birth?

Getting back to work after a long, happy but exhausting maternity leave may be difficult. After all, it’s tough to leave your little angel behind after caring for him/her day and night. 

Another tip: Convert your worries into motivation. Do a great job every day, and look forward to coming home and seeing your sweet little baby’s cute smile, those pretty eyes staring (or blinking) at you, tiny little hands and feet waiting for you, the adorable expression they have whenever they yawn…🤗

What a teaser, right? But think about it, wouldn’t it be fulfilling when you know that you’ve done a great job as an employee and get your reward as a  mom at the end of the day? Speaking of which, check out our Ultimate Guide to Free Baby Stuff! Why buy everything if you can take advantage of baby freebies?!

We hope these tips will make your return to work after having a baby a bit easier, and if you have any other tips for working moms, we’d love to see your inputs in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do babies suffer when mothers return to work?
If you’re able to get things ready and have someone reliable to look after your baby while you’re at work, then no. Of course, you also have to make sure that your baby’s ready. Get them used to switch between breastmilk and baby bottles so that it wouldn’t be difficult for them to feed while you’re gone.

How do I cope with going back to work after having a baby?
It may not be easy. You have to change your mindset (if you haven’t already). Motivate yourself. You are now working for your baby. Take comfort knowing that your baby’s waiting for you every day. All the frustration and stress would go away with just one smile from your little one. You’ll see.

How long after having a baby can you go back to work?
You’re ready to go within 2 months.

What happens if I don’t return to work after maternity leave?
That would depend on your company’s policy. It’ll be best if you inform them beforehand if you can’t go back to work immediately after your maternity leave is up.

Ultimate Guide to Free Baby Stuff for Expecting Moms (30 Freebies!)

Free baby stuff for expecting mothers

*We make a small commission from affiliate links within some articles. The price to you remains the same. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

One of the amazing perks of being pregnant is that you’re suddenly offered free baby stuff by companies selling maternity and baby products. If you love freebies (and let’s face it – who doesn’t?), then you’re in luck!

But if you’re an expecting mom, don’t waste time scouring the web for free stuff; you already have more than enough on your plate. We’ve done the homework for you! Now, to enjoy these free baby samples, spend some time signing up for deals and joining rewards programs. Trust us, the effort will be well worth the free samples you get for yourself and your baby!


Free sample boxes

Free sample boxes are great as they include a wide variety of products and new stuff to try out. These boxes usually contain a selection of different products including diapers, formula, moisturizers, baby lotion, and baby shampoo.

1. Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon is an excellent place to do some shopping due to the competitive prices, fast delivery (especially with Prime!) and a huge range. It has pretty much everything your baby will need! So, it’s no doubt a very convenient place to create your baby registry.

If you’ve got Prime membership at Amazon and you create a registry there, you’ll receive a Welcome Box with free stuff, as well as a free childcare eBook. 

In addition to the Welcome Amazon Baby Box, you may also get a 15% discount or 10% completion discount if you have Prime membership. You’ll also get an extra 20% off diapers.

2. Walmart Baby Registry

When you create a registry at Walmart, you’ll receive a Welcome Box containing free samples.

The prices at Walmart are quite low anyway, so it’s an amazing place to sign up with and they also offer a price match guarantee. 

3. Target Baby Registry

When you create a baby registry at Target, you’ll get free baby stuff worth $50. After creating your registry, you’ll get a Welcome Box containing free coupons and samples worth $50.

And you’ll also get 15% off on any stuff that remains in the registry after your baby arrives. The Target registry also lets you shop online and offline.

4. Buy Buy Baby

When you sign up with Buy Buy Baby, you’ll lay your hands on the Goody Box—a box containing free baby samples and coupons. 

Another plus of registering with Buy Buy Baby is that they send you a 10% completion coupon to your mailbox or email address. 

5. Baby Box University

To get free baby stuff, take a class and then take a quiz. This free baby box for California parents comes with different stuff inside such as diapers and breast milk storage packs.


Diapers are one of the items that cost new moms the most money. Babies use countless diapers, so you can never have enough diapers. Some new parents find that their newborn baby can require over 10 diaper changes a day!

Fortunately, many companies and brands out there offer parents free diapers. Now, here are some places you can look at if you want free diapers for your newborn.

6. Honest Company

The Honest Company Baby Diapers with TrueAbsorb Technology, Tree Houses, Size 2, 128 Count

The Honest Company’s diapers are eco-friendly, chlorine-free, easy on the eye but expensive. Fortunately, the brand offers moms free samples—so check them out before spending a small fortune.

7. Luvs Diapers

Sign up on the website and get year-round promotions, deals and an opportunity to win a 12-month diaper supply for your baby.

8. Cuties 

Want to give another diaper brand a shot? Cuties may be continuously offering free diaper samples, so be sure to sign up for its newsletters so you’re notified whenever they’ve got free ones.

Cuties Baby Diapers, Size 2, 42 Count (Pack of 4)

9. National Diaper Bank

Consider approaching National Diaper Bank if you can’t afford diapers. This non-profit organization focuses on helping out low-income families.

The bank continues to grow along with its network, so you might find a bank near your area willing to give you free diapers. 

10. Pampers 

Pampers offers a loyalty program known as Pampers Rewards through a mobile Android and iOS app. 

When you sign up for the program, you get points every time you purchase something from Pampers. To earn points, you just need to scan in-pack codes with Pampers Rewards. Or, you can key in the codes on Pampers.com.

Also, when you scan a code for the first time, you’ll receive 50 bonus points. Pampers Rewards also offers a welcome bonus. Once you join the program, you’ll receive 100 points.

Diapers Size 2, 124 Count - Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers, Giant Pack

11. Huggies 

While Huggies doesn’t necessarily hand out free samples, it does offer diapers for free via its rewards program called Huggies Rewards. When you sign up with this program, you earn points every time you shop. You can then redeem your points for free wipes and diapers.

Moreover, you also have the chance to win extra points by finishing tasks, such as sharing on Twitter and Facebook as well as taking surveys.


Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn 15 Piece Onesies Bundle In Sizes, White, 0-3M/3-6M/6-9M

Baby clothes are quite expensive even though they are tiny. And they never last long. Before you know it, another onesie is gone (any Gerber Unisex Baby Onesies user here?) either left behind by your fast-growing baby or damaged by stains.

No worries! You can restock with the following options:

12. Baby Leggings

Toptim Baby Girl's Tights Stockings Toddler Non-skid Leggings Pants 3-Pack 6-12 M

There are plenty of baby leggings you can buy online like Toptim’s Baby Girl’s Non-Skid Leggings. But what if you can lay your hands on five pairs of leggings worth $50 for your baby for free?

Unbelievable? Well, take note of this code: “SPRING50” and click this link to redeem those leggings now!

13. Little Wanderers

You can get two free pairs of shoes at Little Wanderers. Don’t believe it? Visit LittleWanderers.com and simply use the “SUMMER” code at the checkout. 

14. Gerber Childrenswear

Place your first Gerber order and win a free bib. Just use the “WELCOME” code at the checkout.


Free baby formula samples

Baby formulas may cost as much as diapers in the baby’s first 12 months. Sometimes, whether through default or design, breastfeeding simply isn’t an option.

But baby formulas can cost up to $1,500, depending on which formula you buy. That figure is frightening for many parents, but there are several ways to try different baby formulas for free, so that you know which one is right for you and your little angel:

15. Similac 

Similac offers a rewards program called Strong Moms. This program sends samples and coupons based on your child’s needs and age. This will not only save your money but also save the energy and time spent working out what could be right for your child’s age. 

16. Enfamil 

Enfamil is one of the leading formula brands that are perfect for babies, and you’ll save lots of money if you get it for free. Join Enfamil Family Beginnings to get gifts worth up to $400 and a shot at winning free formula for one year.

17. Nature’s One

To get a baby formula for free, sign up online, browse products and select the “SKU” sample when you add your product into the shopping cart. Click the button that adds the free sample, answer a short survey, pay the shipping fee and wait for your items at home.

18. Gerber

Gerber often gives out free coupons and formula samples, but if you sign up on their website and don’t get a free gift, try calling them to ask for free samples. 

19. Nestle Baby

Sign up with Nestle Baby Club to receive free formula and other nutritional products Nestle currently offers.

On top of these bonuses, Nestle will send exclusive coupons, special offers, a feeding guide as well as so much more all year round. 

20. Store Brand Formula

Visit StoreBrandFormula.com and register. The firm will give you a coupon for baby formula, helping you save at least $5.

When signing up, it shouldn’t shock you if the company has run out of coupons as they’re quite a hit with freebie lovers. 

21. Ask Your Doctor 

Aptamil Gold + Step 1 900g

Many pediatricians store baby formula samples to hand out to parents. Many formula brands give away lots of free stuff to physician offices, hoping that loyal customers will get their products.

Feel free to ask your doctor’s office, clinic or hospital if they’ve got any free samples of a formula for you. Who knows, maybe they just happen to have an Aptamil Gold+ 1 Infant Formula or even Enfamil NeuroPro Ready to Feed Baby Formula Milk for you!

Enfamil NeuroPro Ready to Feed Baby Formula Milk, 2 fluid ounce Nursette (24 count) - MFGM, Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics, Iron & Immune Support

Free Baby Books

Free baby books by mail

By the age of 3, almost 85% of the core structure of a baby’s brain is developed. That’s one of the chief reasons why you should read to your kids, even before they’re able to read on their own. And you can get the following free baby books by mail (or as e-books!) to read to your little one:

22. Kindle

Kindle is a great place to look for free digital baby books. And you can save them on your mobile device, so they’re convenient when you’re on the go or traveling as well.

You’ll find a wide variety of free books in the Kindle library, which you can also sort by category. So, browse the list and choose a few baby books. 

All-new Kindle - Now with a Built-in Front Light - 4 GB, White (International Version)

23. Imagination Library

Sign up for the Imagination Library program by Dolly Parton and inspire an early interest in reading. But first, find out if your area is covered by the program.

From there, you’ll get a free age-appropriate book per month from when your baby is born up to age 5. If your area currently doesn’t have Imagination Library, you can help with starting a program. 

24. Babies First Books

Once you visit BabiesFirstBooks.com, you’ll be asked to enter a promotional code in order to get five free books of your choice worth up to $40. Just enter the “OFFERS” code and get the books for free.

If five books aren’t enough for you, you’ll just have to pay an extra $3 per book. Awesome! 


Free baby stuff by mail

There are numerous other ways to get baby freebies for moms-to-be. Here, we’ve rounded up different ways on how to get free stuff for your child, including a baby sling, baby shower, and nursing pillow. Be sure to explore these avenues and grab some free stuff for your baby today!

25. Contact Companies Directly

This is a very simple method to get baby freebies.

If you like some brands or stores, contact them and tell them you’d like to sample some of their items. It’s best to email a specific store or brand, instead of sending a generic email to all brands or stores.

If you let a brand know that you love their range of products, then they could send you some free samples to try out. This may not always work, but it’s definitely worth a try.

26. Host a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a terrific way to get baby items for free.

Convince a friend or family member to throw a baby shower for you and invite everyone close to you. They’ll want to share in this happy moment and shower you with baby gifts!

27. Swap Your Other Items for Baby Freebies 

Kid swaps or baby swaps happen when a bunch of parents meet and trade baby items they don’t need anymore with items they need. This can be a great chance to chuck out your old baby items and get some new baby stuff for free.  

Organize one with your family members, friends, neighbors or workmates.

28. Free Baby Sling

Baby Wrap Carrier by KeaBabies - All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps - 3 Colors - Baby Sling - Infant Carrier - Hands-Free Babies Carrier Wraps | Great Baby Shower (Trendy Black)

If you need to carry your child around easily, Seven Baby can give you a free baby sling. Just enter the “FREESLING4ME” code and receive a $40 sling (and don’t forget to pick your favorite pattern!)

You’ll need to pay for handling and shipping though, but that’s chicken feed for a free baby sling (especially if the quality’s the same as Baby Wrap Carrier by KeaBabies)!

29. Free Nursing Pillow

If you want to nurse your baby, Nursing Pillows can get you comfortable and cozy. And with their $40 nursing pillow for free, it would be an awesome deal! Just use the “PJBABY” code to get a free pillow. You’ll only need to cover the shipping cost.

Just like free baby slings, you can also choose a pattern for your pillow.

30. Garage Sales

When garage sales are held, people often throw away items they don’t sell after the close of garage sales.

Visit garage sales that are ending and ask people for baby items they did not sell. Just ask and you might be pleasantly surprised by all the baby stuff you can get for free.

Looking for Free Baby Stuff?

Babies can cost the earth, but it’s possible to make some savings with the right approach. We hope this guide helped you find out where to get free baby stuff!

You can even go the extra mile by reaching out to your favorite brands and ask for discounts or coupons. They might turn you down but it never hurts to try, and you won’t know until you ask.

There’s free baby stuff all around you – all you need to do is search for it!

30 Little Things You Learn When You Become a Mom

30 Little Things You Learn When You Become a Mom

We all know a lot of the basics of becoming a mom. Your time for yourself is dramatically shortened, your sleep will be lacking, but you will have a sweet baby that you’ll just adore!

But what about all the little things nobody told you about motherhood? The things that you should plan for or expect that aren’t in all the baby books?

Well, we’re here to tell you!

Here are 30 little things you learn when you become a mom:

1. Babies are messy, and you already have a ton to do, so don’t change their outfit every time they spit-up.

2. When you become a mom, your baby’s mess becomes your mess so keep a change of clothes for both of you in case of emergency.

3. When you need your little one to sit still, the TV can be mesmerizing.

4. You quickly learn not to wake a sleeping baby when you become a mom. 

5. Use music or a routine to train your kiddo for bedtime. Now that you’re a mom, sleep for both of you can be so unpredictable.

6. Always be prepared for your baby’s sleep patterns to change.

7. When the baby has a bad blowout, don’t try to clean with wipes. Head straight to the bathtub.

8. Don’t judge other parents for bribing their kids in public. It will sneak back up on you when you’re a new mother.

9. Even when your baby does sleep through the night, you won’t because you will be waiting for them to wake up!

10. Don’t spend a ton of money on baby clothes because babies grow up real fast (trust us!)

11. When you become a mom, use your diaper bag for some of your own essentials because carrying two bags and a baby is way too much.

12. Count on your errands to take 2-3 times longer when you bring your kiddo.

13. Being a mom is the only job that doesn’t come with sick time, vacation time, or coffee breaks.

14. There will be days where your baby isn’t the only one crying when you become a mom. Let it out so you can move forward.

15. Don’t compare your child’s milestones with everyone else’s. Each child has their own developmental journey.

16. Meal planning has never been more important than after you have a baby.

17. Playing with your baby is more important than dishes. Spend some one-on-one time with them if you feel insignificant with your efforts.

18. Find support when you become a mom. Facebook, other friends who are moms, and activities to bring baby to are all great options.

19. While taking care of a baby is hard, soak up every moment when you become a mom because they sure grow up fast.

20. Make it a habit to leave early, because you never know what will hold you up.

21. Make sure you are nourishing your body as well as your baby’s. Motherhood is hard work and you need your energy!

22. When you get the small stuff done like working out, doing household chores or completing a project, feel free to congratulate yourself. You deserve it!

23. You may wonder if you even knew what unconditional love was before you became a mom.

24. You may find yourself using baby voice while talking to other adults because you have become so accustomed to it.

25. Start your day right so you can handle what the day will throw at you. Go for a walk, eat a yummy breakfast, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

26. Try to be patient with people who ask you what you do all day. Anyone who is not a stay-at-home mom has no idea what your job looks like.

27. Even when you make mistakes, remember that you are an awesome mom. If the baby is fed, giggling and clothed, give yourself a pat on the back.

28. Enjoy the ride once you become a mom. There will be good and bad times but soak them all up and remember them.

29. If you don’t have time to make a baby book, write down milestones on a calendar and save it.

30. Try to learn from the hard times because becoming a mom will definitely bring out the best and worst in you.

Are you ready to become a mom?

Being a mom is the most difficult job you will ever have, but also the most rewarding. Know that you are not alone in your parenting journey. And remember, no matter what happens, you can and will get through it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being a mom?
Becoming a mom means that you’ll most likely love someone unconditionally, no matter what. You’ll most likely overthink (a lot), have lots of challenges every day (you’ll definitely know what that means in a few), would probably have unsolicited advice which might help you (or not) and, most probably, switch emotions rapidly depending on what your little bub would do (or doing right now) 😁

How do you know if you are ready to be a mom?
Do you catch yourself looking for baby stuff? Are you fond of watching baby videos? Do you think you’ve done enough traveling and stuff? Are you ready financially? Are you ready to protect and love someone forever?
Yes? 🥰

How can I become a good mother?
That’s a tricky question. It’s never the same for everyone. Overthinking about everything certainly wouldn’t help. Let your instinct kick in. You’ll be fine.

Does motherhood get easier?
It will. Eventually. Especially if you have someone else you can rely on.