How to Tell If Baby is Engaged in Pelvis and Your Labor is Near?

How to Tell If Baby is Engaged in Pelvis and Labor is Imminent

You’re approaching the end of your pregnancy and you’re wondering how to tell if your baby is engaged in your pelvis. 

Your baby drops, or engages, as your body gets ready to give birth. In other words, your baby drops deeper into the pelvis and gets ready to get into the birth canal when your labor starts. It’s an exciting stage simply because it indicates that your body’s doing what it’s supposed to do and that you’ll soon be cuddling your little angel in your arms.

While your doctor will certainly tell you when your child has dropped, being able to identify the signs by yourself can help you understand what’s going on in your body while it prepares for labor. While the symptoms aren’t entirely universal, the following subtle body changes all indicate that you’re getting closer and closer to welcoming your tot at long last.

Easier Breathing

When your baby drops, it physically descends into the pelvis. This decreases pressure on your lungs, which obviously makes breathing easier than it was for months previously. 

Pelvic Pain

Pain or “zings” in your pelvic region is an unusual sign of your baby descending. The pain occurs due to the head of the baby putting pressure on lots of ligaments in the pelvis. You might feel pain when you move in a certain manner. Or the pain may come apparently without reason. This occurs as the baby settles in its new position.

Remember, the minor twinges of pelvic pain may be indicative of your baby descending. But if you experience regular, persistent pain, consult your doctor. Also see your doctor if you experience any other symptoms such as bleeding, fever, or fluid loss.

Pelvic Pressure Pain

As your baby descends into your pelvic, there may be increased pressure in this region. This may cause you to feel like you’re waddling when you walk.

Lower Belly

When your baby engages, your pregnancy bump might look like it’s lying lower.

More Discharge

When your baby has engaged, its head will physically increase pressure on your cervix, which will help it dilate and thin out to start labor. Your cervix will thin by removing the mucus plug which blocked the cervical opening.

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, you may notice more discharge that gushes out like real mucus. Or, it could simply be a heavier stream of discharge. Pregnancy isn’t always beautiful, just so you know!

Frequent Urge to Urinate

Is your baby growing one pound a week and its head is lower on the bladder? This situation makes you go to the bathroom every 10 seconds (too much?). Your pregnancy is coming to an end.

Less Heartburn

pregnant woman looking down while holding her belly

You may experience less acid reflux and heartburn as your baby drops lower into the pelvis. While not all women will experience this, some suddenly notice a relief when their child has engaged.

What Else Should You Do if Your Labor is Near?

While your baby dropping is a sign that your body is preparing for delivery, it doesn’t really tell when exactly your labor will begin. And if you experience the feeling that your child is “pushing down” prior to week 37 or increased pelvic pressure, call your doctor so they can rule out preterm labor. 

Top 4 Liquid Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

Liquid Iron Supplements for Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant, you might often find yourself easily tired even if you haven’t really done much. You might’ve slept more than 8 hours the night before, but find yourself catching quick naps the next day.

If you get yourself checked on your next doctor’s appointment, you might be surprised to know that the unusual exhaustion you’re feeling is due to low iron levels. Well, most pregnant women do. Pregnancy-induced anemia is very common, but the severity can vary a lot.

When your blood tests reveal lower than normal iron levels during your pregnancy, you might then wonder which are the best liquid iron supplements for pregnancy. So what are the best liquid iron supplements out there for pregnant women? Here are our five top picks:

1. Nature’s Way Liquid Iron Supplement – Natural Berry  

Nature's Way Liquid Mineral Supplement, Iron, Natural Berry,  16 Ounce

Nature’s Way Liquid Iron Supplement is gentle, fast-absorbing, and delicious (since it tastes like berries!). It provides 100% of the recommended iron daily value in each serving to help boost your iron levels, ease symptoms of occasional tiredness due to low levels of iron, and replenish energy reserves.

In each small tablespoon serving, this iron supplement supplies an 18-milligram dose of quality essential iron—each 16-fluid ounce bottle boasts an incredible value of 32 servings. It’s easy to take daily wherever you might be. A quick tip: put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes if you want it cold. Not in the freezer – it might literally freeze on you (unless if it’s just for a few minutes, of course)!😁

This liquid iron supplement contains a form of iron known as a chelate, which is absorbable and causes few guttural side effects compared to other common varieties of iron supplements, including ferrous sulfate tablets.

This mineral supplement is a great choice for pregnant women who can’t access an iron-rich diet, as well as those urged to take iron supplements daily to resolve a deficiency. Its convenient liquid form enables flexible dosing as recommended by your doctor without the hassle of swallowing tablets.

2. Blue Iron Liquid Supplement

Liquid Mineral Supplement, Iron, Nordic Blueberries, Full of Beneficial antioxidants

Find it hard to swallow supplement pills and tablets, especially the large ones? Who wouldn’t?! Good thing there are other alternatives when it comes to medicine and supplements!

Introducing iron liquid supplements for pregnant women – easier to take and more palatable!

Flavored with blueberries, Blue Iron Liquid Supplement is suitable for pregnant women, as well as vegetarians and vegans. The recommended daily intake of 15 milliliters contains 25 milligrams of iron.

The inclusion of vitamin C, E, and B12 enhance the solution, letting you easily absorb the iron and increase your production of hemoglobin. You’ll love the fact that this supplement’s patented absorption makes it gentler on your belly and relieves constipation caused by iron supplements.

It also has biotin, which may boost the health of an unborn baby.

3. Floradix All-Natural Liquid Iron Supplement

Salus Haus Floradix Liquid Iron + Herbs 23 oz XL Size - Iron Supplement with B Vitamins, Vegetarian, Vitamin C, Non Constipating - Supports Energy & red Blood Cell Production for Women & Men

This is America’s best-selling organic liquid iron supplement due to its ability to promote the production of strong red blood cells, helping address iron deficiency. It’s also easy to absorb and many pregnant women achieve much better iron absorption compared when using tablets.

Floradix Organic Liquid Iron Supplement protects against constipation. This low dose, safe supplement is designed to be absorbed and assimilated easily and is kind to the gastrointestinal tract as it uses Ferrous gluconate, an ultra-soluble iron compound. Moreover, it’s packed with all-natural fruit juices and herbal extracts for a nice taste.

Floradix is a 100% natural product that’s vegetarian, alcohol-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. It doesn’t contain any colorings, preservatives, or flavorings. Each serving supplies 110% daily intake of vitamin B12, 90% daily intake of vitamin B6, and also Thiamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and Riboflavin.

What’s more, this supplement is ideal for all women, such as those who are menstruating, pregnant, lactating, nursing, and even those who are into athletics. It’s also suitable for men, growing kids, and people whose diet lacks in natural vitamins and iron. If you’re looking for a good iron supplement or you have anemia, be sure to give Floradix All-Natural Liquid Iron Supplement, a try today!

Recommended intake: adults should take 10 milliliters twice a day, while kids aged 6-12 should take 10 milliliters once daily. The supplement is best taken within half an hour to meals.

4. Spatone Apple Taste Liquid Iron Supplement 

Spatone Iron Plus -Apple taste with vitamin C 28 sachets

A liquid iron supplement with additional vitamin C, Spatone Iron Plus simply combines added vitamin C and yummy apple taste with all-natural iron-rich water obtained from the Snowdonia mountain range. 

The supplement supplies iron in a readily available form for use by the body. It’s packed in convenient sachets that you can use when you’re up and about. However, don’t use this food supplement as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle and a varied balanced diet. 

This particular liquid iron supplement is suitable for all adults and children aged 2 and over. It’s perfect for vegetarians and contains no gluten or artificial colors. 

Which do you prefer, solid or liquid iron supplements?

Staying healthy for your baby and yourself is critical when you’re pregnant. As you try to eat a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, you’ll need help at times. And if you’re not looking forward to taking your daily dose of supplement just because you hate pills or tablets, these liquid iron supplements for pregnancy just might be what you need. Whichever you choose, always remember that this is a vital component of your everyday diet for you and your little bundle of joy.