Top 7 Best Pregnancy Pillows: Recommended for Pregnant Women


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Further along in pregnancy and finding it difficult to catch some shut-eye? If you’re desperately in need of restful sleep, keep on reading – we have some tips for getting the right pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep (despite the baby belly!).

Perhaps you expected to not sleep after your child is born, but you probably didn’t know that sleep would be very hard to find in the final months of your pregnancy.

Many pregnant women have realized that pregnancy pillows provide the right level of support in the right areas, giving them the comfort and rest they need to drift off to a night of blissful sleep.

Here are the best pregnancy pillows for all types of pregnancy sleeping positions and various body types, depending on how far along you are. 

Best Pregnancy Body Pillow

Comfort-U Total Body Pregnancy Support Pillow (Full Size)

Moonlight Slumber’s full-body support pillow is versatile and provides fully customizable support for all body types—whether you’re pregnant or not. It’s designed to completely wrap around the body and is pliable enough to mold into the right position and shape to let you sleep comfortably.

It’s built to keep your shoulders, neck, pelvis, and spine in alignment to ease hip, back, and neck pain. 

Made of synthetic material, the filling is also odorless and hypoallergenic. It’s designed to maximize the flow of air to protect you from overheating. It also maintains its shape for a long time and doesn’t clump like other pillow fillers.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Back & Bump Comfort - Cozy Bump Pregnancy Bed

This cozy bump pregnancy bed/pillow will provide you with much-needed comfort during your pregnancy. It’s a comfortable but affordable pillow you can use up until you go into labor. No matter how large your bump becomes, this pillow can easily handle it. 

People who’ve used Back & Bump Comfort’s pregnancy bed/pillow have found it useful and highly recommend it. It’s specially built for people who like to sleep on their belly.

The cushion boasts dedicated pockets for pregnant women so you can have a good night’s kip lying on your tummy. It’s so comfortable that you won’t have to worry about neck pain because you slept on your belly. Even better, its cushion can be used without a problem even in summers. It’s indeed one of the best pillows for expectant stomach sleepers!

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Side Sleepers

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow, Diamond Circles Gray and White, Maternity Pillow with removable jersey cover

Are you a side sleeper? This may be the perfect pillow for you!

Boppy’s Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow features a new shape specially made for pregnant moms. It boasts two wedges that offer back and bump support. Do you often turn over in the dead of the night? This particular pillow might help you with that. 

It also takes up less space in your bed (good news for your partner!) and its compactness might also help with keeping your head pillow in place (since you won’t be moving around as much😁).

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Sleepers

Leachco Back 'N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

Pregnancy might mean that you won’t be able to sleep on your back anymore after the 1st trimester. People who sleep on their back are a unique lot that find it pretty uncomfortable when they have to sleep on the side. If so, then there’s a huge tendency for you to naturally roll over to your back when you’re asleep.

To deal with this problem, you should find a pregnancy cushion that pushes against your back. Back sleepers can find the feel of weight on their back reassuring, and this can help them drift off even when on the side. Both Leachco’s Back ‘N Belly Maternity Body Pillow will indeed be perfect towards putting weight against your back!

Best Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Petite Trellis Grey

Versatile and lightweight, this wedge pillow is one of the most affordable pregnancy cushions on the market. It’s definitely a great deal since it’s not as pricey as the others but proven to be very useful. Pregnant women who are looking for comfortable pillows should definitely get this one.

Boppy’s Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is pretty firm, which some pregnant women aren’t used to. Firmness is important as softer wedges often flatten and compress a bit too much.

Thanks to a strong zipper, you can easily remove the cover for washing in no time. Just peel off the cover to wash. One advantage of the smaller size of the wedge is that it’s super easy to replace!

Best U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow -Maternity Body Pillow U Shaped with Velvet Cover,Bend to Double C Shaped Pillow,Gray

Another best-selling pregnancy pillow, Queen Rose’s U-shaped Full-Body Pillow is the perfect fix for pregnant women looking to improve their sleep. This specific pillow lets you stretch out in all sorts of ways.

The best part is that it contours according to your movements—you can wrap it, fold it, and bend it. This pillow may be a bit heavy, but that’s a good thing. That only means that it’s not only a comfortable pillow. It can also provide a bit of coziness, too!

Best Body Pillow for Twin Pregnancy

NiDream Bedding Pregnancy Pillow - U Shape - Maternity Pillow - for Pregnant Women - Sleeping and Full Body Support - with Washable Velvet Cover (55 Inch, Blue)

Many women with twins or multiple babies recommend U-shaped maternity pillows. A bigger pillow means that it can provide more support for you.

This particular Pregnancy Pillow by NiDream Bedding follows the body’s natural shape. It provides full support for women sleeping on their side, watching TV, sitting up in bed, reading and even nursing. Users love the comfort it brings and its multipurpose design.

Many attest that it can provide total support on your head, neck, tummy, sides, hip, feet, and knees. It’s also perfect for relieving pain on your back as well as leg swelling and sciatica. Using the pillow may help prevent other health conditions such as liver oppression, high blood pressure, and other pregnancy-related discomforts, too!

Do You Need To Buy A Pregnancy Pillow?

Absolutely! It’s hard enough to move around with a big belly so don’t just endure your pregnancy. You must enjoy it, too!

If there are proven ways and/or products that may help you get comfortable during your pregnancy, why not try it out? Just so you know, you can still use these even after you’ve given birth.😉

A good night’s kip can change your sleep patterns, health, and mood. Consider a total body pregnancy pillow to help you sleep comfortably, especially if you’re finding it harder to sleep every night.

And one more thing, always make sure to go through verified customer reviews (like the ones listed above) to know how other people feel about the pregnancy pillow that you’re considering.

Hot Baths and Pregnancy: Can Pregnant Women Take Hot Baths?

Can pregnant women take hot baths

Can pregnant women take hot baths? You may promptly say yes but think again.

While it’s generally okay to take a hot bath while you’re expecting (provided the water is not too hot), you should never soak in hot water for over 10 minutes. Especially if it’s so hot that it might raise your body temperature to above 102.2°F. Such a temperature can cause you and your unborn child several problems, including:

  • Dizziness and weakness
  • A reduction in blood pressure, leaving the baby without nutrients and oxygen, which may increase the risk of miscarriage
  • Birth defects, particularly in the 1st trimester

This is why steam baths, hot tubs, saunas, and ultra-hot bathtubs are unsafe during pregnancy. It’s fine to have a hot shower but steer clear of long, steamy showers.

Why Hot Baths Aren’t Recommended During Pregnancy

When you have a hot bath, it raises your core body temperature. In general, this doesn’t pose any immediate threat to your health. But during pregnancy, your baby might be at risk if your core body temperature becomes too high, causing hyperthermia.

Overheating may cause various birth defects, particularly in the first 12 weeks (1st trimester) when your baby’s organs are forming. The spinal cord and brain are the most at-risk organs when it comes to hyperthermia. 

The other issue with very hot baths is that they reduce your blood pressure, which could impact the flow of blood to your child. This can potentially be risky at any time during pregnancy. You could also start to feel dizzy, lightheaded or even nauseated. Not fun at all! Lowered blood pressure is definitely not safe for pregnant women since it could most likely make you feel faint, which might cause you to loose your balance.

Be wary of spending your time in a sauna or hot spa, too. These places have an even greater risk of overheating. As most know, although a hot bath will cool down over time, a spa or sauna’s temperature is kept at a regularly high level. This is why health professionals generally advise pregnant women against spending time in saunas and spas.

Hot Bath Alternatives During Pregnancy 

The safest substitute for hot baths if you’re pregnant is soaking yourself in a tepid or warm bathtub. You’ll reap all of the hot bath benefits without compromising your own health or that of your baby.

Nonetheless, always closely monitor the water’s temperature and your own core body temperature. Take lots of fluids to maintain hydration throughout the bathing process, and step out of the bathtub immediately if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Like many moms-to-be, the achiest, sorest muscles are found in your feet, ankles, and legs. If this is also the case with you, consider soaking just your lower body in lukewarm water to relieve the pain.

All in all, you should try to take a few hot baths as much as possible when you’re pregnant. Might as well go for other activities that promote rest and relaxation, including listening to music, reading, or taking long walks rather than taking risks that might affect you and your little one.

Are You Pregnant and Planning to Take a Hot Bath?

If you’re having second thoughts, then you probably shouldn’t. Taking a bath is an amazing way to relax and soothe muscles while pregnant, but taking it too hot is never a good idea. Ensure that the water is just right. Go with a warm bath, rather than enduring a scorching hot bath.

Can You Drink Protein Shakes While Breastfeeding?

Can You Drink Protein Shakes While Breastfeeding?

Are you looking to find out if you can drink protein shakes while breastfeeding?

Quick answer. Yes, you can!

It’s recommended that you take at least 25g extra protein daily. This might seem a bit daunting for some breastfeeding moms, but there are lots of ways to safely up your daily protein consumption.

Protein shakes are a fast and simple way to add protein to your daily diet. While protein shakes are generally safe, it’s imperative to note that a large percentage of protein shakes on the market today come with artificial sweeteners, thickeners, and gums—which you should avoid!

Importance of Protein When Breastfeeding 

While breastfeeding, your body makes use of the nutrients from your food to make breast milk. For this reason, it’s not only vital to get adequate protein, minerals, and vitamins to provide your growing child with what they need to develop well, but also critical to eat enough to nourish your own body. states that you need an additional 300-500 calories daily and around 71g of protein while breastfeeding. The additional protein and calories help your baby grow and develop properly, but they also help you avoid losing too much lean muscle mass. Breastfeeding moms usually lose 1-4 pounds a week, even without limiting their calorie intake, as the extra energy and calories kept in body fat go to the baby.

Getting adequate protein will ensure you get the amino acids required to give your baby the right nutrition, so the body doesn’t attempt to get amino acids from the muscles instead. 

Is Drinking Protein Shakes Safe for Lactating Moms?

When considering adding a protein shake to your diet, it’s always advisable to first turn to natural protein sources with foods like beans, peanut butter, milk, or eggs. Of course, natural protein sources aren’t always available and you’ll need to take supplements. So to all the pregnant and breastfeeding moms out there: Yes, it’s generally safe to drink a protein shake!

Protein shakes are easily digestible—one shake contains about 15 to 30g of protein—with many flavor options available as well. These shakes are definitely convenient for nursing moms since it doesn’t require excessive “meal preparation”, there won’t be any leftovers that would eat up space in your fridge, and they can supply you with much-need protein in no time!

This doesn’t mean that you should go and buy one (or more) right now. Always check with your doctor or midwife first before you actually shop for any supplement to make sure that it’s safe for both you and your unborn child. It’s also vital to remember that protein shakes aren’t meant to replace an already healthy diet but to merely supplement it.

Why Do Nursing Moms Need Protein Shakes?

Many new moms love protein shakes since they’re rich in nutrients and easy to digest. Some extra benefits of these shakes for pregnant women include the following:

  • They’re easy and quick to make.
  • They are great for drinking on the go.
  • You can easily include other superfood additives.
  • They taste amazing and can cure your sweet tooth!
  • They’re an excellent way to add a little extra protein for moms lacking in protein.

Should Breastfeeding Women Drink Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes are an awesome way to meet your body’s elevated protein needs while breastfeeding. Just make sure to pick a brand with a quality protein base and check all labels to avoid dubious ingredients. And be sure to consult your OB-GYN or other healthcare providers for more advice.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position for a Pregnant Woman?

What Is The Best Sleeping Position for a Pregnant Woman?

Are you also wondering what’s the best sleeping position if you’re pregnant? Most would say that the most comfortable position is likely to be sleeping on your side with your knees bent. You can even put pillows under your tummy, behind your back, and between your legs, if you wish. Lying in a half-sitting stance on your back, supported by a few pillows, is also great and can be useful if you have heartburn issues.

Finding the right sleep position is tricky since lying on your back or your stomach isn’t the best option when sleeping during pregnancy. Good thing other moms who’ve gone through the same dilemma decided to share what they know as the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman (based on their own experience).

Different Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on You and Your Baby

Sleeping on your belly: If you like sleeping with your belly down, that’s perfectly okay. But if your belly’s gotten bigger, you’ll need to consider changing your sleeping position if you haven’t instinctively done so yet. You won’t find it comfortable to sleep on your belly if you know you’re pregnant anyway. Right?

Sleeping on your right/left side: On your 2nd and 3rd trimester, lying on either side—ideally on the left, if you can—is perfect for you as well as your baby. This position enables the maximum flow of nutrients and blood to the placenta, reduces pressure on your vena cava, and boosts kidney function. This means better removal of wastes and reduced swelling in your hands, ankles, and feet!

Sleeping on your back: Experts advise pregnant women against sleeping on the back during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. This is because this position rests the whole weight of the baby and growing uterus on the back, intestines and vena cava (the major vein that transports blood from the lower body to the heart). This pressure can worsen hemorrhoids and backaches, interfere with circulation and digestion, and possibly cause low blood pressure, which may cause dizziness. Poor circulation can also decrease blood flow to the developing baby, giving it fewer nutrients and oxygen.

Best Sleeping Positions While You’re Pregnant

During the 1st trimester, a pregnant woman can sleep in any position she finds comfortable, whether it be on her side, back, or belly. Any combination of these positions is fine, too since the uterus hasn’t grown big enough to disrupt sleep. But nighttime hunger, nausea, hormonal changes, and other symptoms of pregnancy may make sleeping harder.

As you enter your 2nd and 3rd trimester, it’s best to sleep on your left side. This position maximizes the flow of blood to your uterus without putting your liver under pressure. If you experience back or hip pain during pregnancy, placing one or two pillows between your knees or bending your knees while sleeping may provide relief.

If you prefer to sleep on your right side, you can opt for this position instead. No study has shown that this position is dangerous. So don’t be afraid to switch from left to right and vice versa.

How Should Pregnant Women Sleep?

Finding the right position to sleep in may be tricky on whichever stage of pregnancy you’re in. Although there’s no perfect position, a number of strategies can help solve your pregnancy-related sleep woes. If these sleeping positions didn’t help, you’ll also need to take your bed, pillows, or surroundings into consideration as well. There are different ways for pregnant moms to sleep comfortably, you’ll just need to find the right one for you.

One more thing, if you’re struggling to get adequate sleep or are sleeping too much while pregnant no matter what you do, then it’s highly recommended to consult your doctor.