Pregnancy Worry - 38 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant With No Signs of Labor

Pregnancy Worry: 38 Weeks, 4 Days Pregnant With No Signs of Labor

Are you 38 weeks, 4 days pregnant, with no signs of labor? And are you now having what you might call “pregnancy worries”? Don’t worry too much, your little angel’s long-awaited debut is near – just a bit busy growing and developing inside you each day.

At 38 weeks, your pregnancy is approaching full-term. Perhaps you’re now ready to take the next critical step: giving birth! But before your due date, there’s still plenty you need to know about this crucial week of pregnancy.


Your Baby at the 38th Week of Pregnancy

Your bub will continue to increase in size, gaining around 0.5 pounds a week in your last weeks of pregnancy. She’ll begin to fill out while that nice squishy baby fat begins to build up around her knees, elbows and, shoulders.

Baby’s Size

At this time, your baby is as huge as a Swiss chard or a bunch of leeks. She’ll weigh between 6-7 pounds on average and be about 19-20 inches long.


Fetal Development

Your child’s brain, liver, and lungs continue to grow during the last weeks of pregnancy. For this reason, it’s vital to give birth at full-term, or as near to full-term as possible.

By now, her lanugo (the soft, fuzzy hair that covers her skin) will be almost gone, or have already disappeared.

The bowels of your baby will also be keeping its first poo, known as meconium, which the baby will pass after being born. (Meconium is a sticky substance that consists of anything your little one might have ingested while in the uterus.)

You at Week 38 of Pregnancy

You’re undoubtedly counting down the days now, and wondering each morning if today might be “the day”. Try to enjoy the final few days before your baby comes by resting as much as possible, ready to welcome your newborn.

You may be overwhelmed by well-wishers emailing, texting, or phoning to ask if “something has happened”. That’ll definitely keep you busy but you must admit, it’s amazing that people are as thrilled as you are to meet your little one!

Some moms try several natural ways to initiate labor when they reach this stage of pregnancy, from having sex to eating pineapples. So if you’re tired of waiting, go ahead and try some of these natural tricks to trigger labor and see if the rumors hold any water!

Are Past Your Due Date with No Signs of Labor?

  • Walk fast, walk up the stairs, walk around – just walk while you can or until your baby’s finally ready to “go”.
  • One of the first symptoms of labor starting is the loss of your mucus plug, but the time remaining could be hours or even weeks!
  • If contractions last beyond 30 seconds, occurring about every 5 minutes, that’s definitely a sign. But just to be sure, call your doctor and once you get the most-awaited confirmation, you should be ready to go. (You already packed everything you’ll possibly need during your stay in the hospital, right?)
  • Babies born before week 37 are described as premature or preterm, while those born after week 42 are called ‘post-term’. You know what that means, right? Just be patient, you can do it! ????

Are You Still Worried About Your Pregnancy?

Don’t be! Just make sure you’re ready for labor and childbirth, and that your home is ready to welcome your baby. Your labor is just around the corner so don’t fret. Your patience in waiting is definitely worth it.