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Vicks and Pregnancy: Can Pregnant Women Use Vicks?

Can pregnant women use Vicks? If you’re expecting, it’s quite possible that you’ve already asked yourself this question and wondered what the answer is. 

While it’s true that you should be careful when taking over-the-counter medications while pregnant, you still should get some degree of treatment for any colds, coughs, or other illness you might experience during pregnancy. After all, you aren’t the only person at risk since there’s someone else being nurtured by your body. 

While your best bet is to see your OB-GYN, there’s no problem researching the matter online or reading books by yourself – provided you can properly filter and classify the pieces of information you get. Also, most doctors advise pregnant women against diagnosing their symptoms by consulting the internet. After all, it should always be “consult your doctor”, right?

About Vicks Products


These products mostly contain decongestants that help relieve one’s breathing. The most common solution for decongesting your clogged nose is Vicks Vaporub. Most moms-to-be will be tempted to use Vicks Vaporub as it’s less pricey and very convenient than other ways of relieving colds and flu.

Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Use Vicks Products?

Yes, it certainly is! But there aren’t many Vicks products you can use and you should avoid some of them. Wait, are you aware that Vick has different types of products? ????

There are certain products made by Vicks that are far gentler on expectant moms, while others may require a doctor’s permission before using them. 

Which Vicks Products Are Safe to Use While Pregnant?

Vicks Vaporub helps ease the symptoms associated with cough, sore throat, and blocked nose. This particular product is proven to be safe and effective for pregnant women. It comes as an ointment, which you can rub on your back, chest or throat.

Fun fact: Did you know that you can mix Vicks and hot water and inhale the vapor it produces? ????

water vapor

Vicks First Defence is a nasal spray that contains no active medical ingredients. However, it makes use of a microgel to capture any potential cold viruses and block their entry into your system. Therefore, Vicks First Defence is largely considered safe during pregnancy.

Vicks Inhaler resembles a small stick of lip balm and contains camphor, pine needle oil, and menthol, which work to clear your stuffiness. You guess that right, it’s totally safe to use during pregnancy!

Which Vicks Products May Be Unsafe to Use During Pregnancy?

These products generally aren’t safe to use for pregnant women. When in doubt, check with your doctor about each one before you try to use them.

Sinex Nasal Spray: This nasal spray is ideal if you have asthma, allergies, and other nasal issues. So before trying it out, ask for medical advice from reliable professionals first.

Cold & Flu Care: This product may have some active ingredients that could interfere with some pregnancies, so it’s advisable to crosscheck with health experts before getting your hands on it.

Sinex Decongestant Capsule is definitely unsafe for expectant moms as it contains phenylephrine hydrochloride. Most doctors recommend avoiding it and will give you alternative decongestants.

Always Be Cautious

Don’t use Vicks on kids below age 2, and always heat it inside a vaporizer as it may splash and burn you.

Should Vicks be Used by Pregnant Women With a Cold?

While Vicks products may be a great tonic for moms-to-be, most of them just provide short-term decongestion. It’s still best to ask your healthcare provider about which cold or cough medicine you can use during pregnancy.

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