Do Pregnancy Symptoms Come and Go During the First Trimester?
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Why Do Pregnancy Symptoms Come and Go During the First Trimester?

During pregnancy, a woman can experience various symptoms and they might vary from one woman to the next. But it’s been noted that over time, most symptoms may vanish to reappear again later, might not come back during the term of pregnancy or they may persist until delivery.

As such, pregnancy symptoms appearing and disappearing is very normal and no cause for concern. But it’s understandable for any expectant women, especially first-time moms, to get worried and anxious. So why do pregnancy symptoms come and go first trimester?

Disappearing Pregnancy Symptoms

Any general varying symptoms in the first trimester are completely normal. The problem, as with all things during pregnancy, boils down to hormones. The hormones inside your body go through constant changes, and they fluctuate during all vital stages of pregnancy. 

This can cause many unanticipated consequences, from fluxes in depression, waning interest in sex, and relative tenderness of the breasts. Since the hormones in your body fluctuate while you’re pregnant, symptoms of pregnancy can occur in all trimesters and might really appear and disappear at any given time.

When Are Changes in Pregnancy Symptoms Alarming?

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There are periods when fluctuations in pregnancy symptoms are concerning and should be checked by your doctor (or midwife). Crucial among these concerns is fetal movement. Although it might take you quite some time to actually experience any fetal movement (somewhere around week 16 to 25), you should still watch out for any dramatic changes in your body. And if ever you do experience unusual symptoms that you think isn’t normal, please know that it’s okay to consult your doctor or midwife right away.

A reduction in the movement of your fetus, or a complete halt of movement, could be indicative of something very serious. While other pregnancy symptoms may subside or decrease as you go further along in your pregnancy, your baby’s movement shouldn’t. Of course, there’ll be times when your baby may decide to stay still for a while. But if there are drastic changes in your baby’s activity and you found yourself saying, “Something’s wrong” then it’s probably something serious!

The same case applies when you suddenly don’t have any symptoms of pregnancy at all. Just to be clear, we aren’t referring to the days when you’re not experiencing any indication that you’re pregnant. We’re talking about when you’ve been experiencing a lot of symptoms proving that you’re pregnant then suddenly, it all disappeared. 

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue, you should be concerned if the change is extreme and sudden. Even if there aren’t other obvious signs of miscarriage (like severe cramping or abnormal bleeding), it’s still critical to have your doctor check your condition as soon as possible. 

Can Pregnancy Symptoms Go Away?

When all is said and done, pregnancy symptoms do vary from individual to individual and no two pregnancies are the same. A pregnancy with intense and severe symptoms is as regular as one without any symptoms. Your doctor is the most qualified person to guide through your pregnancy. As such, it’s imperative to consult them before jumping to any conclusions.

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